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Jan 12, 2019
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This plugin does nothing more than extend text field from database to use longer damage formulas. It might be very helpful when you try to adjust damage of your skills while default text box in RPG Maker MV is to small for using advanced formulas.

Terms of use: Free for all commercial and non-commercial games.

Credits are mandatory -> Soulrender :

Warning!! This plugin was made with RPG Maker MV 1.6.2 so it might not work with older versions.

Warning!! Do not use script calls such as $gameParty.gainGold() etc. Functions used in skill formulas must have numeric result, otherwise skills won't do damage at all or crash game. (This rule applies also in default editor Box!)

Most important thing to note: This plugins will affect only skills used by player and other party members. It does not touch skills used by enemies.

Image of plugin:
2021-08-11 21_40_38-Plugin.png

It is also compatible with MZ 1.0.1 version

Q: What exacly this plugin does?
A: Sums total damage from skills damage formula box in MV editor with formula provided in plugin parameter.

Q: Why do i need it anyway?
A: You don't need it at all, but it will help you balance damage for your skills

Q: Does it allows to do substraction?
A: Yes, in plugin parameter's formula at the beginig of formula use - sign. example: -Math.floor(a.mat / 2) - substracts from main formula half of users magic attack.

Q: Can I use only this plugin to make it my default skill formula?
A: Yes! But remember:

- Formula provided in plugin parameter field WILL AFFECT ALL SKILLS used by PLAYER and other PARTY MEMBERS, so to make skills with more vary damage result you need to set variance very high and/or use in formula more wide range of rnd numbers.

You can download this plugin here
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