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    • The Dark Empress is using her unnatural magic to seize control of this young world. Undertake the perilous journey to her castle, and defeat her!
    • A solitary adventure with the fate of the world resting on your shoulders.
    • Target playtime of 2-3 hours

    The world is young, and its inhabitants still few. The Gods, primordial forces of nature, have saved the Mortals from the first and most terrible winter by teaching them to work together and care for each other. As a new age dawns, the Gods begin to retire themselves from this world and leave it to the Mortals.

    But a new threat emerges. A mage has acquired an unnatural form of magic which allows her to manipulate Mortals. Already she has enslaved a town and compelled its inhabitants to fortify it into a castle. Proclaiming herself the Dark Empress, she dispatches her enthralled minions throughout the land to bring it under her absolute control.

    Meanwhile, in the deepest forest, a lonesome warrior steps into a clearing. She feels the air is different here, more serene than elsewhere in the forest. She sits by the large tree at the center of the clearing, and rests herself against its trunk. And suddenly, she hears a voice in her head:

    “Ah, Naomi Elysee, you are the one I have been waiting for… Not that I could go anywhere, but that isn’t important right now.”

    It is Orosila, the Great Tree, one of the Eternals. On behalf of the Gods, it entrusts Naomi with defeating the Dark Empress, thus restoring peace and freedom to the land.

    Naomi takes sword in hand and sets out on her journey to defeat the Dark Empress…

    • You’re on your own: every battle is a duel between you and the enemy!
    • Develop your character: you are talented with weapons and blessed with the seed of magic. Use the skill learning system to become a physical powerhouse able to use any and every weapon, an accomplished mage unleashing successive spells at the enemy, or anywhere in between.
    • Light journey resource management: make sure you have enough supplies before heading over the hill to the next town!
    • “Short-form RPG”: a small, complete story with a target playtime of 2-3 hours.

    Spear of Darkness is the first game in a planned series, and takes place early in the history of this world.

    Development plan:
    1. Create world map with RTP assets and populate it with high-level events such that the entire story is playable from start to finish. Make public for “story testing” -- I’m super curious if this will be interesting/effective as a development practice.
    2. Replace high-level world map events with actual location maps (towns, dungeons, etc). Make public for more story testing.
    3. Gradually add gameplay (enemies, equipment, skills) from beginning to end. Make public over time for gameplay testing.
    4. Get art and music talent to create new assets replacing RTP ones. I wonder if this approach will be feasible!
    Here are some influences for this game:
    • Dragon Quest I: this game’s biggest influence, where you are tasked with defeating the big bad and then venture into the world to achieve this goal. I love the solitary adventure of DQI, and seek to recreate that feeling in here.
    • Breath of Fire III: speed is a very important parameter. Equipment reduces speed, so there are decisions to make with your gear. If your speed is significantly higher than the enemy’s, you may get an extra turn in battle. But the reverse is also a possibility! I would also like your downed character to occasionally get back up, mutter “Not yet”, and continue the fight -- very exciting and dramatic!
    • Final Fantasy X-2: the current design for the skill learning system is similar to how abilities are learned in this game. I much prefer the concept of selecting a skill to learn and then gaining points to learn it, rather than obtaining points from leveling up and then spending them to learn skills.
    • Soul Blazer series: I love that you can communicate with animals and even plants in those games. In this world, at this point in history, humans and animals are capable of speaking with and understanding each other.

    Temporary portrait of Naomi created using the Character Generator:
    Naomi portrait.png

    Initial world map design:
    SoD world map labeled.png
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