Special abilities (from skills or elsewhere) for special events outside of battle


Oct 3, 2015
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Hey! So I have come up with a bunch of special abilities for special events outside of battle. You unlock these skills based on the skills you learn from leveling up, fulfilling some quest or progressing your game. You can also use, like, your "stats" for these special events. Most of these have an animation to use like a water attack animation that puts out fire. Maybe you would need a more powerful skill in order for it to work. These can unlock special places or treasure chests. Maybe you can even find new Actors to add to your party (and they may alter your storyline and dialogues). But, like I said, I have come up with a lot of them. Here they are:
  • Put out fire with water
  • Set something on fire
  • Use light to light up a lamp
  • Defeat a monster and get a password to open something (you might need to memorize the password or make it automatic)
  • Solve a riddle automatically in-game if your variable like wisdom/intelligence (which can be something else renamed like magic attack, magic defense, TP or MP) is high enough
  • Move a bolder blocking something or someone based on having high enough attack/strength power
  • Use a wind ability to like fly on a map that is not a dungeon or world map to get somewhere
  • Unlock first boat, then ship and finally airship to get to new places on the world map
  • Turn off light using a powerful darkness ability
  • Maybe add a teleportation ability to use with some restrictions
  • Use an attack outside of battle on someone that causes a state like paralysis, confusion or sleep to get passed a troll guarding something
  • Heal someone with a special medication or a powerful healing spell you have learned after attaining a high enough level
  • Play a song (for like a fairy) for some special reward (there is a song animation there)
  • Destroy something by a powerful fire or a powerful, destructive attack
What do you guys think of these ideas of mine? I know that many people have used these. What are your ideas?


Oct 8, 2018
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some of those is also on my planned feature, but also finding items to gain a new
improved item or gather before you can acces something.

there are some ideas like, where you see something, but cannot reach it,
because you need a special item to travel to an alt world, also something
to solve a puzzle back and forth, so there are things that I dont have planned
as well.

while I dont use a overworld map, the boat, ship, airship is something you can
use, specially for later dungeon, find material for example.

idea's are always nice, and I also like you list, but the question behind those,
do they all fit inside your game and does it really have a purpose on the
story you will tell?

but if you use them wisely and sidetrack a tiny bit isn't that bad.
there are 3 games I know, that have all those features (splitted between the 3).

but I look forward how you use them :)


Jun 25, 2013
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I like to refer to these as HMs, like the Field moves in the pokemon games. But yes, I have a fair number of these. Either by use of a spell, or by having an item in the inventory, I have a few things that can be enabled to bypass roadblocks in my game.
Wing Boots, which allow for jumping.
Power Glove, which allows moving brown boulders.
Flashlight, which enables exploring dark caves.

Among a few others.

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