Apr 12, 2017
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I'm looking for a way to implement a sort of special targeting that allows you to use skills in different ways.

First, I'll explain what I want specifically. I'm going to have a sort of row system, but without a row plugin; it'll use saved variables to tell which battler can be hit, and their position will be according on the screen. This, of course, is with the help of certain Yanfly plugin, such as Target Core, Buff State Core, Skill Core, etc. For skills that are single-targeted, this isn't an issue. I can simply guide the script along to only be able to target enemies within range. Which plugins are in use is irrelevant- what matters is finding a solution.

The issue rises with direction-based abilitiles. If I want to use a flamethrower, say, it'll hit every enemy 3 tiles to either the left or the right. Currently, there is no way to have a "neutral" or "free" targeting system.

I've attempted to make a tile-based system before, but caused issues. Additionally, those tiles can only be enemies or allies, making it even more annoying to deal with it. I'd like it if there was a 3rd "neutral" party I could add those tiles to.

I've thought of using SRDude's Skill Extender- but it doesn't do its job fully, and does not look good at all (imagine selecting flamethrower and having another window pop up and say left or right).

So TL;DR, a way to target things that don't necessarily exist, neither being enemy or ally, but still being able to reference to things.

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