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Sep 2, 2020
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Spider Man Episode 1: Origins

Peter Parker is an average kid when, as you already know, he got bit by a radioactive spider. In this reimagining of the typical tale, though, Peter is invited by Nick Fury to join SHIELD as a trainee with two mentors: adult Power Man (Luke Cage) and adult Iron Fist. You will fight such classic enemies as Electro and Vulture, plus Iron Man (WHAT?), while striving to keep your identity a secret from kids at school and your aunt May.
  • The game uses KageDesu's ABS, so all battles are in real-time and involve a variety of skills related to Peter's powers. Plus, jump, climb buildings and swing webs, just like Spider Man! Or drink caffeine to become Hyper Spidey. Work in a neighbor's yard or sell photos to earn money to buy health restorers.

Spider Man - Origins 1.png

Peter is a normal kid, albeit a nerd. He's well-liked by his professor, Doctor Otto Octavius, and hated by Flash, the school bully. He is going on a field trip to Oscorp with the rest of his school. Thing is, his best friend's dad, Osborne, owns Oscorp and is planning on making an army of spider-enhanced soldiers! Still, that has nothing to do with him. Or does it? A spider bite leaves Peter with spider-related powers, including spider strength, spidey sense (pre-cognition), and the ability to stick to walls. Some homemade webshooters and a spider-related name complete the picture, and he wins an MMA fight only to be cheated out of the winnings. So when someone steals from the guy who cheated him, what does he care? Except then that guy kills his Uncle Ben. Suddenly Peter's life is turned upside down. He knows he needs to use his powers responsibly. The question is, how? He takes down a supervillain, only to be called a menace by J.J. Jameson, who also just happens to be asking for a freelance photographer. Now his life is very complicated, and he's falling asleep in class thanks to staying up late fighting baddies. The worst of it: Iron Man apparently attacks his high school, and Tony Stark calls him a menace. What can one friendly neighborhood Spider Man do?

  • This game takes place in the MCU, so it is completely non-commercial. All of the sprites related to the MCU are the work of GalacticGod (full credits in-game). Expect to see many heroes and villains from Avengers as well as Spider Man over the course of several episodes, with the next episode coming out sometime in March.

Coming January 15th! Remember to check the Completed Games forum around that time for a download and possible browser-based game. Let me know if you're excited about this idea and would like to see more episodes!
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