Spine Auto Batch convert 3.x to 3.8 breakChange [TUTO]

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    With the new break change from spine2D, i made this little tools to batch convert all yours spine projet with the last pixi-spine branche .

    This little tools i write in batch and node to export packer in all version you want from your spine projet with automations.
    The app contain 2 files

    To replace all your spines altlas,json,images from each .spine, you will just need to put those files in your ROOT project rmmv, execute spineConvertor.bat and follow instructions.

    You will need export yourself a exportSetting.export.json file from spine software.
    Open a spine2d projet.
    Open the export window, and make sure your setup are ok.
    And then export in the root of your project.

    Step2: make sure you have this dependency installed in your computer.
    The app run with node environment and bash.
    Bash are native in window but the .bat are optional.

    Execute spineConvertor.bat as Admin

    If you have installed spine2d in a special directory, you need to set.
    Or push enter to keep the default spine2d software.

    Enter the version of the export packer you want.
    Default is 3.8.13-beta

    Then if you need , you can change the root of the scanner.
    The scanner start at your root project and will find all .spine in your app projet.

    And finally assign the export path.
    By default it at same place of the .spine , but you cans add custom path.
    Or also number
    example if your .spine are in
    and you enter number 1
    The programme will export altlas,json in parent-1
    You can use the key t to make a debug test.
    It will create a debug folder in your ROOT with all files for debug,test or check.

    Final check if all your file are present and enter 'y' to proceed batch convert.


    No tested on Apple stuff sorry
    Tell me if you have issue or need help
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