RMMV Spirits which protect players in battle


Apr 25, 2021
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Any ideas for any of these welcome!
I want to create items which:
Summon a fairy spirit who heals you until it is hit then it dies
Summon a skull demon who attacks for you until it is hit and then it dies
My thoughts: maybe using a 5th party member (anyone knows which plugins can let me have more than 4 actors in battle/changes the actor limit in battle at certain points ( yep party formation I think, better plugins let me know)

Skills which:
Fire cyclone
Every turn a cyclone appears and attacks 3 times then disappears
(maybe a base troop event to force a skill?)

At low HP the player turns invisible and takes no damage for 1 turn

Dark vine barrier
When near death there is a 75% a vine will sprout and take the damage

Mechanical strength
Change the normal attack animation and give a chance of confusion

Solstice Spirit
Every turn the spirit will attack with an energy beam (probably the same as a fire cyclone)

Spirit satellite
Summons a satellite that will rotate between players, the player with the satellite receives no damage when attacked but the satellite is destroyed after impact

Every beginning of a fight a storm deals damage to all enemies but it blocks skills for 3 turns

So I have some ideas for how I might do these skills but I just wondered how you guys would go about it


Feb 1, 2017
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This will do some of what you want:
The fairy spirit and solstice spirit can be a summon with auto-attack on with only one ability that lasts 3 turns.
The satellite is also possible with this, but is a bit more complicated, and would require Yanfly's buffs and states core and aura the way I'd implement it. I've done something similar modifying one of yanfly's tips and tricks state notetags:
<Custom React Effect> if (this.isHpEffect() && value > 0) { // Get the target's allies var members = target.friendsUnit().aliveMembers(); // Get the Aura's Origin State ID var auraOriginId = 68; // Make the origin user undefined var auraOriginUser = undefined; // Loop through each member for (var i = 0; i < members.length; ++i) { // Get the currently looped member var member = members[i]; // Check if the member exists, isn't the target, and is the aura holder if (member && member !== target && member.isStateAffected(auraOriginId)) { // Set the origin user to that member auraOriginUser = member; // Break the loop break; } } // Check if the origin user exists if (auraOriginUser) { BattleManager.queueForceAction(auraOriginUser, 101, target); // Calculate the amount of reduction var reduction = Math.ceil(0.50 * value); // Set the damage to the target to 0. value = Math.ceil(0.50 * value); // Make the origin user take damage instead. auraOriginUser.gainHp(-reduction); // Display an animation on the origin user. auraOriginUser.startAnimation(2); // Make the origin user display a damage popup. auraOriginUser.startDamagePopup(); // Check if the origin user is dead if (auraOriginUser.isDead()) { console.log("Eh."); // Collapse the origin user if dead auraOriginUser.performCollapse(); } // Clear the origin user's results auraOriginUser.clearResult(); } } </Custom React Effect>

Basically, every time an actor that is under the effects of the summoned aura takes damage, the summoned object will jump in front of the person(s) taking damage and split the damage with them, reducing the amount of damage they take. You could modify this to make it so the summoned object takes all damage and only reacts to certain actors being targeted (aka a random one set by a variable at the beginning of the turn).

The storm one could be brute forced by adding a common event to every troop event to check for a state on an actor and force an action to cause the storm skill to proc at the beginning of a fight, and that event would also apply silence to all allies (Also, you could add a silence effect on the storm itself if you want enemies effected as well).

Cloak gets a little messy, since, while you can apply transparency to a state with Yanfly's action sequence, if you run your targeter over the "cloaked" person the opacity will disappear even if the state hasn't, someone made a plugin to get around that, but it was shared in private and it's not mine to share. You could have a transparent side view sprite for the actor that you temporarily change to instead.

The effect of the cloak itself is a simple Buff and State conditional (react effect, if hp < X% then output damage = 0, you can see some of what you need in the notetag code I put above).

Vine is also a simple buff and state if then in a react effect, just gotta roll a random numer 1-4 and if it's 4 the react effect procs and plays an animation for the vine while you take no damage. You could even make the state get removed on a proc of the vines so you can't have an infinite number of chances to take 0 damage.

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