Apr 16, 2017
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Hello RPG Maker Community

I'll get straight to the point. What I'm looking for is a way (at best a plugin) to freely move the commands in the main menu of RPG Maker MV (e.g. Items, Options, Save, Quit).

At the moment this menu is a single object, which in the best case can only be moved completely as a window, but I want to move the only commands. In the best case you should be able to replace images with the individual commands.

I have spent hours searching the internet for a similar method, but the closest thing to it is the plugin from Moghunter. There it looks like this:

mon1 Kopie.jpg

However, it is also the case here that only the complete object (Menu Commands) can be moved. The individual menu items cannot be placed individually from each other.

I hope you have roughly understood me. Following is a visual explanation.

At the moment a menu looks like this:


It should look like the following picture:


As you can see on the picture, the commands are placed at certain points with an exact pixel specification. You could create 2 different sprites (normal in grey - what is selected is in red).

If there is anybody out there who can do something like that, I would be absolutely grateful!

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