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Discussion in 'Visual Novel Maker Resource Request' started by vayne125, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Hello, I am newbie here so I am sorry in advance if I did things incorrectly.

    I want to request a sprite of a little girl as main character of my Isekai Visual Novel that is based on on-going story in my wattpad account (If you're interested in the wattpad story, you can click this link: https://my.w.tt/WVIHUVMz4U )

    I also want 1 sprite of a bank robber wearing helmet and handgun. All in anime style.

    This is the reference of the main character (long hair with long bangs to cover her eyes is important. I want her to show her eyes when she get serious):



    For her clothes, I would like outfit with western noble styles and outfit for adventure purpose.
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