Spyro the reignated trilogy

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Which game in the original Spyro trilogy is the best?

  1. Spyro the dragon

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  2. Ripto┬┤s rage/Gateway to Glimmer

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  3. Year of the dragon

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    So, anyone hyped for the reimagined Spyro trilogy. As a Playstation kid, these games were part of my childhood growing up and I still really love and replay them fairly regularly. From the reimagined Crash trilogy we know that we probably can trust Activision to make a competent job. I also think the Spyro series have more room for some additional twerks as opposed to just a straight remake like the Crash one. The bosses of the first game could be made into...actual bosses instead of just enemies with slightly more hitpoints and some later minigames could use some polish. Although Ripto's rage is still my favorite in the franchise I have gravitated more and more towards the first game in the series. The gliding-based puzzles really are still very unique and sometimes fiendishly difficult.

    Which Spyro game is your favorite?

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