SRD's Game Upgrade crashes game after it's exported (Because of RMMV's version)

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    My project works pretty fine during playtest, but when I export it and open the "final version", I get an error at the exact moment it starts:

    Type Error
    Cannot read property 'bind' of undefined

    Since it happens in the exported version, F8 doesn't do anything.

    After searching a bit, I found a thread on Steam Community, when someone says it's because of SumRndmDde's Game Upgrade plugin, and that it's incompatible with RPG Maker MV 1.6+, so I'd need to downgrade my editor in order to have the final project working (which I really can't because of several other plugins and resources).

    So, has such a thing ever happened to anyone here? Does anyone know a way to get over it? I really want that plugin in my game, I use it a lot, and also, I really can't just downgrade the whole RMMV because of lots of plugins and resources I use, which require this version.

    I've already sent a bug report to SRD's official Report Bug page, including a tiny project with a replica of the error.
    Since the same error happens in another project, it's a problem regarding this specific plugin.

    If anyone can help find a solution for that...
    Thanks in advance
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