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Discussion in 'Useful Development Tools' started by Tsukihime, Jul 7, 2012.

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    Kind of curious whether EB's done anything related to SRPG games like their really old tactical RPG maker:

    I think if they applied all of the techniques they've incorporated into the recent RPG Maker's, users would be able to make some interesting SRPG's without having to hack around with events in a tool that's really not meant for making anything other than particular types of games.

    Considering the kinds of things people have done with RM, it's pretty clear what a full-featured scripting interface along with a built-in SRPG system can produce.

    In fact, maybe combine it into one so that you could quickly switch between development modes.

    EDIT: hmm after looking at the wiki article again I guess EB wasn't involved with it lol
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    EB wasn't involved but EB did buyout ASCII, which means they probably still own the title to it. Same reason, if they so choosed, they could release the graphics pack of RPG Maker 95 onto the newer RPG engines without any consequence. For the most part.

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