Jun 2, 2020
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Hello fellow developers!

As many of you may already know of the star passability problem in the A-tilesheet, having looked around for so long without a definitive solution I finally stumbled across this
CityShrimp's Cover Tiles
It worked just fine but when I used it on a tile that had shadow on it it still worked but it removed the shadow from the tile.
So I decided to fix it and in the process I recreated it so now it's like a complete new plugin!

I've removed all the parts that I didn't need so that the plugin now just adds star passability to tiles.

It's use is pretty straight forward, just cover the tiles you want to have star passability with region ID and they will become star passable i.e. you will be able to walk under them.

In spite of being a programmer I am by no way familiar with either Javascript nor RMMV JS library and with no clear references out there it was pretty hard developing this plugin, so please be aware that this plugin might cause bugs, instability, errors in your game or doesn't work at all!

I tested it and it works fine for me, so you can try using for yourself and see if it works for you.

This piece of code is free for commercial and non-commercial use!

No credit needed!

This plugin is based on CityShrimp's Cover Tiles plugin, link in the description above, so credit goes to CityShrimp.

If you're going to comment, ask a question, request a fix for the plugin I apologize in advance for by 99% most probably I'm not going to answer.

If updates in the plugin are made I'm gonna post them here.

Thank you.


* ThePreparator's Star Passability
* TP_StarPassability.js
* Version: 1.0.0
* Free for commercial and non commercial use no credit nedeed!



* @plugindesc This plugin lets you add star passability to tiles that

don't have it.
* @Author ThePreparator
* ===Parameter List===
* @param Star_Passability
* @desc This region ID will make the tile higher than the player i.e. it

will make you pass under the tile.
* @Default 19
* @Help



var Imported = Imported || {};
Imported['TP_StarPassability'] = "1.0.0";

var TP_StarPassability = TP_StarPassability || {};

(function($) {
"use strict";

// Load parameters
$.parameters = PluginManager.parameters("TP_StarPassability") || {};
$.Star_Passability = Number($.parameters['Star_Passability'] || 19);

var old_Game_Map_checkPassage = Game_Map.prototype.checkPassage;
Game_Map.prototype.checkPassage = function(x, y, bit) {
var rid = this.regionId(x, y);
if (rid == $.Star_Passability)
return true;
return, x, y, bit);

ShaderTilemap.prototype._paintTiles = function(startX, startY, x, y)

var mx = startX + x;
var my = startY + y;
var dx = x * this._tileWidth, dy = y * this._tileHeight;
var tileId0 = this._readMapData(mx, my, 0);
var tileId1 = this._readMapData(mx, my, 1);
var tileId2 = this._readMapData(mx, my, 2);
var tileId3 = this._readMapData(mx, my, 3);
var shadowBits = this._readMapData(mx, my, 4);
var lowerLayer = this.lowerLayer.children[0];
var upperLayer = this.upperLayer.children[0];

if (this._isHigherTile(tileId0) || $gameMap.regionId(mx, my) ==

$.Star_Passability) {
this._drawTile(upperLayer, tileId0, dx, dy);

} else {
this._drawTile(lowerLayer, tileId0, dx, dy);

if (this._isHigherTile(tileId1) || $gameMap.regionId(mx, my) ==

$.Star_Passability) {
this._drawTile(upperLayer, tileId1, dx, dy);

} else {
this._drawTile(lowerLayer, tileId1, dx, dy);

if (this._isOverpassPosition(mx, my)) {
this._drawTile(upperLayer, tileId2, dx, dy);
this._drawTile(upperLayer, tileId3, dx, dy);

else {

if ((this._isHigherTile(tileId2) || $gameMap.regionId(mx, my)

== $.Star_Passability) || (this._isHigherTile(tileId3) ||

$gameMap.regionId(mx, my) == $.Star_Passability)) {

if ($gameMap.regionId(mx, my) == $.Star_Passability){
this._drawShadow(upperLayer, shadowBits, dx, dy);}
else{this._drawShadow(lowerLayer, shadowBits, dx, dy);}

this._drawTile(lowerLayer, tileId2, dx, dy);
this._drawTile(upperLayer, tileId3, dx, dy);


else {
this._drawTile(lowerLayer, tileId2, dx, dy);

this._drawTile(lowerLayer, tileId3, dx, dy);





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Nov 18, 2015
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You should put all that code inside a code tag and inside a spoiler tag.

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