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    Game Play:
    Starship Hope is is hybrid Tactical / traditional jRPG set in the far future. Hope currently has the following features:
    • Tactical Battle System powered by leTBS Plugin (with some small modifications to fix some defects). This is used whenever the crew themselves in combat (which is of course often - gotta have conflict).
    • A modified version of a traditional jRPG battle system adapted to model Space Combat. The idea here is that the player is commanding the ship from the bridge and gives "commands" like rerouting energy from weapons to shields, or firing the ships primary weapons. Primary modifications to the jRPG standard are the inclusion of an Engineering window to allow repair and transfer of energy from the various systems to and from the Ships "AP (MP)" as well as randomizing damage to different systems on the ship that effect Hope's effectiveness in combat and how much the ship takes.
    • A mildly branching story line. There are a lot of optional parts or side effects to the decisions the player makes as Captain. These are typically subtle so far and aren't intended to be noticed unless you happen to play the game twice. Choices can determine whether a combat occurs, where a combat occurs, if a side characters lives or dies, the class of a side character (in one case a choice in "Chapter 2" can lead to a character either being a cyborg class or scientist class.
    • No Experience Points. I'm not married to this, but I am exploring the use of skill / character upgrade purchases from various in game vendors as the method of character progression. This allows me to tune the game a little better and I think the idea is a better fit for the universe I've created as I envision it.

    Game Play Video:
    This video demonstrates the basic game play and story telling style of the game. It doesn't demonstrate any of the skills or special abilities (the player doesn't have many of those anyway at the start of the game). The two battles shown are not intended to be difficult, just a way for the player to get a feel for the mechanics. Space Combat still needs a lot of visual work as you'll be able to see for yourself.

    Positions Needed: At the moment I have most of the skill set required covered either by purchase of assets or by just doing things myself. What I cannot do is draw myself out of a wet paper bag. I am in need of an artist who interested in collaborating on the project.

    Skills To Trade: While I am clearly new to the RPG Maker community, I am an experienced javaScript developer. I would be happy to trade scripting skills for artistic help. In addition, I can offer testing help, and help with "eventing". If you decide you like my writing and want help with that I'd be glad to assist there as well if you think that would be helpful.

    My Role: So far I've been the only developer on this project - I have the story mostly laid out and I've written a lot of the dialogue etc. While I would remain the projects lead developer, I am flexible on some of the details of the game within reason. If you are looking to do art for a game that I feel would be completely different than what I have in mind, I'd rather do a trade and let you be in charge and I'd make something for you in return for your art.

    Game Overview:

    Screenshots of Current Version:

    This is why I need help :) Any art that doesn't look like an 8 year old drew it was provided by the RPGMV system / dlc .







    • Captain Anzri Cruze: Typical Hero Type Character that the player controls: Commander of the Starship Hope, one of the last remaining Ranger Captains left after the fall of the Galactic Government. Cruze is driven by his belief in what the Rangers once stood for and while he can be tough on his crew he will do whatever is required to protect his ship and crew.
    • Commander Michele Bloom: Second in command of the Starship Hope, Commander Bloom is stoic, but passionate women. Trained as a security specialist, she is a master of both hand to hand and ranged weaponry. Michele is the crews "parental supervision" - she serves as a voice of reason and calm when others want nothing more than to run right into a situation.
    • Lieutenant Alli Morenz: A Nano-Biologist who has found a way to fuse her love of computers with her love of biology. Alli is easily excited by new ideas and always looking to push the frontiers of her craft. She is good friends with the ship's Engineer and the two can often be found working in the lab on whatever new project they've devised together long into the night.
    • Lieutenant Shelly Cromwell: Hope's Engineering specialist. Shelly is a lighthearted person with a soft spot for Robotics. She spends most of her time bantering with Hope in Engineering, eating strange, delicious, and noticeably unhealthy new types of food, and working with Alli in the lab creating whatever new ideas spark into their heads.
    • Ensign Johnny Kludge: Johnny is the youngest member of Hope's crew. He grew up racing starfighters around the space dock his father worked at. Johnny is an excellent pilot and a clever fighter. When not performing his duties he spends most of his time in his bunk, conversing with Hope whom - as is the case with most Ranger pilots - he has formed a close friendship.
    • Doctor Timothy Wu: Hope's medical Doctor, like many Ranger Doctors, Tim has a very strong sense of ethics. He believes in respecting and protecting all life, no matter the cost. This commonly puts him at odds with both the Captain and the needs of the mission.
    • Hope: Starship Hope's integrated artificial consciousness. Hope has been around for nearly five hundred years and served with far more Ranger crews than she can remember. Without the resources of the former Galactic Empire to support her however, age has begun to take its toll. She is becoming far more paranoid than she used to be - seeing danger around every asteroid and slowly forgetting key details about her past and presence. Dr. Wu and Shelly are doing what they can to keep her alive, but without help, her personality will soon fade away. Of course, help is precisely what she is afraid of.

    • Professor Elizabeth Wang: One of the Galaxies most revered scientists, Professor Wang is in charge of the Spacial Anamoly Research Station. (Galactic Designation Research Station 718). Her research involving the macro-manipulation of space-time has provided her an insight into how reality can be reshaped by making small changes to the past. Until now she has left this avenue unexplored due to the catastrophic amount of damage her equations predict would occur in the surrounding parts of the Galaxy. The brutal murder of her wife and daughter have left her a broken woman, and at the urgings of Vice Admiral Sheng she has begun to piece together to components needed to see her ideas become a reality - all in the desperate hope of seeing her family alive and well again.
    • Vice Admiral Sheng: A disgraced former Admiral from the now-defunct Galactic Navy, Vice Admiral Sheng is obsessed with regaining his former glory. Consumed by his obsession, and worshiped by his former troops, Sheng has made it his life's goal to restore the glory of the Empire by any means necessary.
    • The "Brotherhood": A male dominated quasi-spiritual political organization that has become dominant in Sector 718. The Brotherhood looks to remake the Sector in its own vision, subjecting everyone to its teachings that its leaders believe will allow them to avoid the moral follies of the former Empire.
    • The Syndicate: The largest Corporation in Sector 718. While not evil per se, they are highly profit driven which leads some of their more unscrupulous satellite offices to overlook and/or bend the rules quite a bit in order to help themselves stand out from their competition on the corporate ladder.

    World Overview:

    • Set in the dying days of a Galactic Empire 25,000 years in the future. I've borrowed some ideas from Asimov's Foundation series, Star Trek, and WH40K to model what the empire would have been like before and during the falls. It was essentially a utopia that over time decayed further and further under its own inability to manage an Empire across an entire Galaxy.
    • Two major spacefaring species exist The Humans (whom the story focuses on) and the Exetar. The Exetar are an insular race more interested in self-discovery and spiritual existence than science and technology. They do not like outsiders and interact with Humans only at designated diplomatic outposts built to help keep the peace between the two powers.
    • What remains of the Empire are the "Rangers". These were the Empire's peacekeeping and exploration wing. With the Empire now falling part not many Ranger ships remain in active service and most spend their time trying to keep the fledgling provinces from tearing each other apart.
    • Most of the game takes place in the newly separated Galactic Province of "Monaidia", formally designated as Sector 718 by the old Galactic Star charts. This province has its own political and logistical problems that will at times come in direct conflict with Hope's mission.
    • As alluded to earlier, Ranger ships are each equipped with a rare form of artificial consciousness intended to allow the vessels to work for long peroids of time without outside support. Without the funding of the former Empire these ships are starting to fall into disrepair forcing their respective Engineers to become more creative about how they keep their ships together.
    • The fall of the Empire has allowed for more widespread use of banned technologies - weaponized genetic engineering, nanotech, and cybernetics are making a comeback. Accessing these technologies is how character progression works in the game. There are *no* experience points - to improve themselves characters must purchase upgrades at the various vendors. Credits are used for both weapons/item purchase and skill upgrade purchases so they must be spent wisely.
    • There is a growing faction of former Galactic Citizens that are rightfully afraid of what will happen to them now the Galactic Parliament is no more. They have begun to cluster around a hidden point in Sector 718 to build a vessel with a Jump Drive that can take them outside the Galactic limits and towards a new home elsewhere in the Universe.

    Basic Story Idea:

    The Galactic Empire has fallen. Professor Wang and her Wife find herself trapped in one of the first separatist provinces - confined to her little government funded Spacial Anamoly Research Station (SARS). With no Galactic Navy to defend them, her station soon finds itself under attack by every opportunist Raider looking to exploit the advanced technology on her station for themselves. Little by little the Raider attacks add up, culminating in the murder of both her wife and child.

    All that remains, other than the nightmares, is her work. Her experiments show that with enough computational power, and a strong enough power source she could bend reality itself - remake the Galaxy as it once was before the Empire fell and her family died - all at a cost of only a few trillion innocent lives.

    Vice Admiral Sheng, longing for his glory days when the now disbanded Galactic Navy was the jewel of the universe, has partnered with Professor Wang to bring back the Empire he loved so dearly - using any means necessary.

    Starship Hope heads out to Outpost 613 where they find Raiders has massacred everyone in sight - including relatives of Commander Bloom - while stealing nothing more than a simple data core. Ordered to investigate by what remains of the Ranger central command, the crew traces the Raiders back to SARS station where an unexpected attack lead by Professor Elizabeth Wang leads them into a mission of a scale they never thought possible.

    Other Resources

    I have a prototype of the game in development - the set of testers for it is currently closed to a select group of people as without reasonably good art I feel the game is a bit too generic to share out beyond folks I am sure know what they examining. If you are interesting in collaborating I will provide you a link you can use to download the currently distributed prototype.

    Story and dialogue are available via a google document that I can share if you are truly interested in the project. There's nothing there that's super secret or anything, I just like to know who's watching when I work.

    All code, defect tracking, and tasks for the current module I am working on at any given time are managed via a gitlab repository. Collaborators will be given access this repo so they can checkout the most recent version of the game from the dev branch.
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    I'm a very good artist, but I have my own project....I'm sorry.
    Tell me how much you would in an a artist, bust images, background and others.

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    I am good at digital and traditional art as well as graphic design. When it comes to drawing I do more characters than backgrounds, but I'm willing to take a leap and help out, if you're interested? I also like that it is placed in outer space. I love making space backgrounds in photoshop! My drawing style might not be to your liking, but if it is graphic design I'm sure it will go well. ^^;

    In return, I have a game I want to make but all I have so far are two main characters, two side characters, and their background stories. If you could help me get some ideas together (like the type of gameplay and the basic storyline) that would be nice.
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