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Sep 22, 2015
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I'd like to have a plugin that shows pictures of your actor battler when not using sideview plugin, maybe something depending on a class notetag or on a class name.
For example let's think about pokemon (just to make you understand my idea):
Let's say i have two classes: Pichu & Pikachu.
If i have my first actor with Pichu class, when a battle starts, a Pichu picture from "\img\pictures\" will be taken and drawn at a defined position (x,y) that you can change from plugin's parameters for each actor in your team.
If my actor reaches a certain level, an event will change his class to Pikachu and the picture Pikachu will be shown in his position during a battle.
This would be useful even if I need a different battler for the same actor but with different armors/weapons depending on his class.
Can someone help me? :)

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