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Discussion in 'RPG Maker VX Ace' started by CMS, Dec 1, 2014.

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    Hiya ^^

    I hope I'm posting this in the right subforum!

    I'm trying to make an invisibility skill for my character to use during some sneaking levels.

    Normally my guards look like this and they are working as they should (see first attachment).

    Now, I have created the invisibility skill.. Which looks a little something like this (see 3 other attachments).

    However, when I activate the skill, two things go wrong. The guards still see me and chase me.. as if the trigger never happened and I don't turn back to normal after 20 steps.

    I'm sure my mistake is obvious to most of you, so please forgive my ignorance.

    Thx & Grts




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    Ummm why do you remove invisibility on the first conditional branch on your common event?

    This possibly nullifies the whole state change, thus you are always visible.

    What you do is telling VX Ace to do this:

    If the player is invisible,

    He will not be invisible anymore


    ask the player if he wants to be invisible.

    And do stuff according to his/her choice.


    If you call this event being invisible, you are instantly not invisible. You understand that right?

    Check out if this is the case.

    I also see a @see player and an @invis switch variables that....


    I can't really understand how you use them....

    I assume @see player has to do with tile distances, while @invis is a switch or something.

    But HOW does this whole thing glue together? 

    Did you missed posting an event that merge all these?

    Are you confused and try stuff, leaving leftovers?

    What is the case here?

    Please give us some more feedback so we can help.

    You probably don't really make the guards check for invisibility.

    Thus they always see you.

    If you are not very experienced with VX Ace, please consider downloading a tutorial on Events I made.

    Just press the spoiler on my signature and you are good to go. Go get it, in 4 hours you will have everything figured out. Hopefully... :p   
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    I already fixed it by creating a commen event that runs as a parallel process, which checks if the character still has the invis state, if not, it returns the opacity and blend to normal.
    The guards check if the character is invis through a trigger. Once the main char turns invis a trigger is turned on and the guards are changed to a smaller "alarm radius".

    Thx for the feedback though. I'll be checking your tutorial out either way.
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    I don't see anything in your guard event to change his behaviour when you're invisible.

    I also don't see anything that's turning the switch off after 20 steps.

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