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Feb 23, 2012
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It's that time of year everyone! The Steam Summer Sale! While you are looking for more games to play, be sure to head over and upgrade to RPG Maker MZ (if you haven't already!) or pick up some more resource packs to flesh out your RPG Maker projects! And speaking of resource packs, we have 3 brand new ones for you:

Have your magical adventure start right with the Winlu Fantasy Tileset - Exterior pack! Winlu’s latest pixel art pack focuses on medieval-inspired buildings and foliage to help you make an incredible world. Create rural towns, flower-filled forests, stone cathedrals, and even a demonic castle with this tileset!

Build multiple towns with different building styles and groundcover thanks to well-stocked A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5 tilesets, along with diagonal roofs to help you make more interestingly shaped houses. Give areas custom looks with a wide selection of windows, and show which parts of town are ignored and overgrown thanks to winding leaf-covered vines that crawl up walls and dangle off roofs. Show how busy the business section of a city is with equipment like anvils, tanning racks, crates, and two-wheeled carts filled with goods. Or create a calm farm where piles of hay are stored next to the house and a scarecrow stands between crops while bright flowers spring to life outside the fields.

The trees in this pack are designed to be modular, meaning you can mix and match to make custom forests in your game where similar tree trunks have different amounts of leaves instead of repeating the same tree over and over. This pack also includes animated decorations such as rotating water wheels, glowing lanterns, and banners that flutter in the wind to help bring your maps to life. Let a flame flicker in the town’s forge, and give each building a fitting door or gate with more than 10 to choose from! Unlock closed gates by pulling a wooden lever, or let your heroes rummage through treasure chests and boxes that they can open. Craft a beautiful pixel world with Winlu Fantasy Tileset - Exterior!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Are you worried that your male NPCs are a bit too quiet? Do you want to add some extra liveliness while your players wander town maps? Then it’s time to give NPC Male Villagers Vol1 a listen! 12 different types of male voices offer you a wide selection of short Japanese shouts, from cheerful young boys to energetic teens and even serious elders, perfect for giving your male villagers a voice no matter their age!

Each voice set comes with 10 different sound effects to let you choose the right one for the scene. Have your adult villagers say hello while your players walk by while boys run laughing and shouting happily as they play. Let your shopkeeper give an angry shout if your players try to swipe something from the store, and have a young man let out a worried sigh when asked about if they have any side quests to offer. Pepper an old man’s monologue with “oho”s and “eh”s, and have him huff if your players try to cut his hour-long story short. Or jolt your players into realizing this town isn’t as happy as it seems when a child’s piercing scream and mens’ horrified cries cut through the previously silent night. Every SE comes in multiple formats, so that you can easily add them to your favorite engine! Give your men some audio love with NPC Male Villagers Vol1!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Grab your lab coats and safety goggles, it’s time for science! Kokoro Reflections’ Mad Science Lab Tileset is here to help you build grungy dungeons where a killer zombie virus was created and an overconfident scientist brings a monster to life. Or give your heroes an underground bunker to recover in, where a ragtag team of scientists work on powerful machines to help the heroes defeat the robot overlords.

Give your lab’s different areas unique looks by wielding 12 brown-tinged walls and wooden and concrete floors together with a selection of dirty details like rusty edges or rubble to make rooms at different stages of disrepair. Once your rooms are squared away, add in counters where you can store all of your scientists’ tools! Medical journals, note-covered papers, beakers and flasks filled with unknown liquids, microscopes, and even a brain in a jar can help your players judge exactly what type of person runs the lab. Beyond those modern tools, there is also a wide selection of machinery and sci-fi technology glows with an alien green tint, just what you need to explain where all the vicious chimera or robot enemies are coming from.

This pack also includes some animated levers and valves to help you add some puzzles to your lab dungeons. Have your heroes twist valves to get past leaking pipes and pull levers to open locked doors instead of just creating a huge maze to get through to reach the final lab! So if you’ve been looking for some tiles to give your mad scientist boss the perfect lair or want to create an alien hideout hidden away in a modern apartment building, pick up KR Mad Science Lab Tileset!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Resource Pack Update: Super Retro World - Exterior Pack​

The Super Retro World - Exterior Pack has been updated! Included in this update is the following:
  • New autotiles A1 to A5 : animated water, waterfalls, roads, houses and dungeon walls
  • Reorganised tilesets : more cliffs, grass textures, rocks, pillars, tents, trees (with snow and desert variation)
  • New animated characters : cart, doors, chests, crystals, torches, switches, farming plants
  • Fixed elements : indoor tiles, prebuilt houses, non animated water tiles
If you have purchased through the Steam store, the version in your DLC folder will be automatically updated. For Degica Shop users, please redownload the files from your purchase email. In both cases, be sure to replace the files in individual projects to upgrade to the new version.

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