Steam Summer Sale + New Releases: KR Tuscan Seaside Tiles, Useful Window Glass Tiles


Feb 23, 2012
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The RPG Maker Web Degica Shop Summer Sale is going strong, and now the Steam Summer Sale has joined it! Plus, 2 new tile releases!

The Touch the Stars Game Jam is in full swing. The Degica Shop Summer Sale is live. But now it is time for the Steam Summer Sale! Huge discounts across the store on RPG Maker engines and assets. So pick up MZ for 30% off. Or grab some of the latest DLC for a discount.

And speaking of grabbing the latest DLC, let's take a look at our two new DLC for this week!

Take a break from dungeons and visit a beautiful Mediterranean-inspired town with KR Tuscan Seaside Tiles! Kokoro Reflections is back with another set of amazing tiles, this time focusing on tiles to create towns and villages similar to Tuscany, with tiled roofs and stucco walls covered in healthy plants.

Autotiles for water, ground, and buildings give you plenty of options to build the town the way you want. Create worn stone houses with grassy yards next to the bright blue ocean, or pave the ground to form a village square that’s surrounded by plaster and wooden walls and tiled roofs. Wrought iron railings and wooden trellises give the towns a distinct look, and a huge lighthouse makes for a great town focal point. Fill up the leftover open areas with bright potted plants and grape vines, or add carts and shelves filled with bread and vegetables to create busy outdoor shopping areas.

If your heroes need a quieter place to relax, then the pack’s stone pillars, railings, and statues can be combined to make a temple or ruins area where the noise of the town is forgotten. Or use the included beds and wooden furniture to give your heroes a room to rest in before getting back to business.

The pack also includes a number of doors (sized for both normal MV/MZ sprites and taller sprites) and two animated fountains to add some flair to your town squares. Pick up KR Tuscan Seaside Tiles today, and give your heroes the perfect town to visit for a vacation!

Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Update your storefronts and buildings with Useful Window Glass Tiles! Hato has crafted a unique set of glass tiles that uses transparency to turn simple windows into brand new ways to reveal building interiors! A full B sheet of tiles offers a selection of windows for fantasy, modern, and even sci-fi games.

Let your heroes take a peek into stores through windows as they walk down the street, or have vendors show off their valuable wares in glass cases. Carved wood window frames are a perfect fit for fantasy towns and sleek metal frames can turn a boring modern city into a lively place where you can see busy employees in office buildings and shoppers at the corner store. Many of the tiles let you mix and match to form new windows so you can keep a consistent style in a town without it becoming stale.

Windows aren’t the only thing in this pack! You can take a bunch of angle metal and glass tiles to create an incredible greenhouse for your snowy towns to grow fresh veggies, or use just the top pieces to make a glass covering for a modern street. If your game has a mad scientist then the test tube shaped glass cases would be a great addition, giving the scientist the perfect place to hold their latest experiments!

If setting up tile passability is daunting to you, you can copy the preset tilesets from the included MV and MZ sample maps. Give your maps some new crystal clear windows and let your players see just what’s going on in shops with Useful Window Glass Tiles!

Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

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