Jul 1, 2019
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You there, champion. Spare me some of your time.
I hope you would like to join to our universe of Time For Quest where there are no restrictions and you will create your own story as a new hero!

Time For Quest
is a 2D open world rpg game inspired by combat, adventures, rpg games as Zelda, Final Fantasy & Moonlighter!

You decide which way to go and what you want to do at the moment! Do you want to fight the creatures? Go! Do you want to work for a king? Go! Do you want to step off? Go!

The game does not have a main story - every city, valley, kingdoms and even objects have their own different history, which you can join!


  • Action Battle System​
  • Open World​
  • Crafting​
  • Fantastic soundtrack​
  • Learn countless spells and skills​
  • More then 100 maps​
  • Find secrets and raid dungeons!​
  • Lots of interesting Quests​
  • 10 New Steam Achievements​

Author's words
Hello, I am Nikodem Świder I love so much RPG Maker the first time I had contact with RPG maker maybe I had 7 years haha. It was RPG Maker XP I even remember my first map doesn't look very good :D I always showed to my family my all work I always wanted them to play my games. Then somewhere I forgot about RPG Maker, I focused on other things. But last year I told myself that now I will do my biggest game and I will not give up and I succeeded, yet my best friend helped me with some quests. This is the first game I release, maybe it's not perfect but I did my best and I will keep doing it. I try to introduce updates with new things from time to time! I am also working on new games :) I hope we will meet again. Best Regards!

Blacer Studio


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