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Jan 11, 2019
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Updated 9/19/19: Replaced the pictures, edited some of the post.

No demo available yet, hopefully I can build it up to a version 1.0 before anything else.

Okay, synopsis.
The game has a focus on uncovering or discovering things. You take control of a soldier being deployed right AFTER a war has ended. This soldier is being deployed to a town in the territory that was just conquered. You'll find that the town is NOT safe. There are powerful Shadows that stalk the streets, waiting for their prey.

You just want to serve your time as a soldier, but the evil hiding there may be too powerful for you too ignore...

During battle, the TP system is used as an Ammunition system, instead. Reloading is also a crucial part of battle, so make sure to count your bullets or perish, muahaha.

Uncover Topics to gather information about the town and the things in it. Strengthen your skills with guns to survive in the town plagued by darkness. Do you want to find out what's going on? Or would you rather be like the rest, standing guard for the rest of your life...

There will be a light crafting system, nothing complex or involved. Have the right items? Then you can make thing.

There will also be at least one mini game to play in the computer cafe.
Okay, screenshots.
Some skills
Battle Skills.JPG
A light crafting system, nothing complex or heavy!
There will be some extra fun here and there
Here is the main gist of the game, outside of combat, exploring and discovering
I will turn this section into a separate and individual project recruitment thread once I reach that point in development.
After I get this game to a solid version 1.0 I will be looking for assistance. The assistance I will be looking for is;
Basically what I'm looking for is someone who can take all the maps to the next level while still keeping the original design at heart, someone who can shape the battle system and topic system into place and someone who can put together a short but sweet industrial ost (A small one, the game isn't very large).

I will also need testers at that point as well!
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