Sep 29, 2013
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So, I've been toying around with Side View battle systems for VX Ace to find one that works well for me, and so far they each have something that just... isn't right.

Victor's system is just too complicated for a coding newbie like me to set up, Jet's system has a strange issue with animations and damage popups for actors showing up in the top-left corner instead of where they "should" be, and Fomar's system doesn't have the move-forward/move-backwards feature that I would like my actors to have during battle.

I'm not complaining about these systems, they are all great, just not for me.  I found Reedo's Simple Side View, and it seems to be perfect for me, however.. I can't get it to work  ;_;

Running it produces the following popup error for my game:

Script 'Game_Map' line 214: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method `scroll_type' for nil:NilClassNobody else seemed to have this problem on the thread where the script was posted.  I have limited experience with coding, but perusing through the script doesn't seem to produce any leads as to why it would cause an error with this 'scroll_type' method.  Any help would be appreciated!

The script, if you need to see it, can be found at

Note: The original script is for VX.  At the bottom of the main post can be found the VX Ace version, which is what I am using.

Note 2: The only other script I am using is Yanfly's Battle Engine, but even removing that script completely and retesting this system by itself produces the same error.

Help is appreciated!

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