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Sep 7, 2018
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In general, I am not one of those people that uses 'tryhard' in a negative sense: I think that putting in your best effort is almost always a good thing. The exception is RPG Maker games that are weird (it would seem) for weirdness' sake, like LISA, Doldrums, I'm Scared Of Girls, Yume Nikki...Marvel Brothel...those I wouldn't say I detest, but I'm not a fan of them.

My vote for my favorite strange RM game (as opposed to the STRANGEST RM Game) is for To Crime Nirvana. You play as gay satanists cleaning up the city of crime because you can't hear your TV. Then **** gets weird. I'd link to its game profile on RMN but banned.

On examination, I see this thread is about "Strangest RPG", not RM game: not all RM games are RPGs after all and OBVIOUSLY not all RPGs are RM games. I'm not a fan of Undertale but I've never played it. There are some very strange indie RPGs I've seen show up over the last few years but I can't recall any of the ones I liked or even the ones that were particularly strange ATM. I think the one I liked best might have been called something like "Our War" and was about being civilians struggling to survive in a fictitious war torn city, by any means necessary.
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