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    Stray Dogs is a 3-part action RPG made in RPG Maker VX ACE. It features a street fighting dog named Buster and his adopted brother and martial artist Spot as they try to clean up a city torn by corruption and prejudice. 

    The game starts as Buster comes back to his home town after receiving a message that his adoptive father, Master Akita, has died. Soon, Buster and Spot clash, due to their personalities, but both are quick to reconcile and try to figure out why their father was killed. 

    Download Link Here

    Buster is a talented but unfocused student of the martial arts who uses his knuckles to solve problems when other options have already failed. He is a fun-loving drifter with a bad case of wanderlust. He wears a "wife-beater" and a baseball cap. 

    Spot is a very serious martial artist and Buster's polar opposite. Spot speaks in a concise manner that can be seen as rudeness but it is borne out of his never-ending quest for truth. He wears a red kimono and a black belt.

    Episode 1 Walkthrough:




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    Stray dogs.

    A game different from the others. Meant to be Action RPG.

    This game contains custom made tilesets, its own music and it is... interesting.

    I can not say that it is bad. Honestly. There is something strange about this game.

    It has many many flaws but still it is nice.

    I am really very confused.

    Have you ever played a game that is not VERY good, literally, but it is still awesome?

    Well... Stray dogs, is that kind of a game in my opinion.


    Here is a rating including the review, for the event that is going on on the forum.


    Graphics: 50/100   

    The game has custom artwork that plays a big role on its unique overall atmoshpere.

    You start the game and you KNOW you enter its own world.

    Graphics are not the best pixel art ever, but they do their job.

    I like them even being so non consistent.

    Mapping is basic fundamental really, not something fancy.

    Still the game is nicely made and fun to roam around.

    Dog facesets artwork is really funny. Seriously! Funny!

    Pictures used in the game are also nothing fancy, 


    Overall, all these things BLEND TOGETHER NICELY!

    I can't believe it, but it's true!



    Sound FX: 60/100

    Yeah ok, nothing special, nothing bad either.

    Just all right.



    Music: 40/100 60/100 (UPDATED)

    A weak part of the game.

    Title screen music feels like having the lead "melody" out of tune.

    My sincere apologies, I try to be fair here.

    Also the map music is not good either.

    You can call it a psychedelic jazz experiment, but that's not something everyone likes to listen, right?

    I kinda liked it, because merged with the graphics, it gives a strange character to the game.

    It's the music of Stray Dogs. Period.

    I might sound stupid, but the music helps also to build the atmosphere of the game. 



    Gameplay: 40/100 60/100 (UPDATE)

    An intro with instructions on how to play!

    Kudos! Well done this is nice. 


    I hit to the left, enemy from down gets hit.

    I hit an enemy from the right constantly in the right direction, he beats the crap out of me and I land no punch. Some other time I punch enemies and they have no chance hitting me.

    Then there are the side view menu based battles. The game lacks consistency and merges gameplay badly. 

    Wanna know why? 

    Here goes a tip to help you fix that.

    It is simple really.

    Equipment: Didn't found any, but they are available on the menu.

    Skills: Are there any? Are there any for the side battle?

    Leave only the essentials on the menu.

    Simplify the game. ;)

    Also you can fix the hit detection system.

    Hit detection is enhanced. Not 100% fixed but it is really WAY BETTER! And the dojos are action battles now!

    This adds more to consistency. I wanna mention that the dojo dog beat the crap out of me! Maybe difficulty curve should be lower, except if you wanted the user to grind some more, in that case I accept it! :)  




    Scenario: 50/100  60/100 (UPDATE)

    Ok it is a funny at times scenario, it is okay, this isn't the whole scenario unraveled, but it is a game that was fun wathing what was happening. Not the best scenario ever, but I really laughed on poisonus frog incident.

    It is not a chapter anymore. It is a full funny game that has some great moments of laughter. There are a lot of expression jokes pun-like and I like that kind of humor, still the game has its own plot. 


    Directed: 50/100 60/100 (UPDATE)

    I put 50. I am not sure really.

    I will be 100% neutral here.

    I don't know what to say about how this is directed.

    Since it is now more consistent I can say that it is above average. And it has a strange feeling.

    The game gives its unique fun experience.


    Atmosphere: 70/100 80/100 (UPDATE)


    Yes! 70/100!

    whenever I restart the game, it brings me in its own world and atmosphere of Stray Dogs.

    I know, the music sounds not very nice, the graphics aren't the best pixel art ever but still everything merged, creates a very cult feeling about the game. And I give credit to the developer for that. I don't care if it was accidental or not. It is nice!

    Being more consistent keeps the user inside a certain atmosphere and unique feeling.

    I really like this kind of thing.



    Polished: 50/100 70/100 (UPDATE)


    You have to fix hit detection, maybe enhance music.. I don't know really.

    The game is in a better version now.

    Still has its issues, but it is way better.

    This game is hard to review.



    Bottomline: 54/100  62/100 (UPDATE)


    It has its issues but it is playable and somewhat fun.

    Not to mention that it seems like a great effort.

    If that is your first game ever, you deserve a medal!
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    Hi Dreadshadow,

    thank you for taking the time to review my game. It's great to receive feedback so I can know what to work on. I could be mistaken, but it seems to me that you have been playing the demo version, back from april last year. The finished version (released in june) can be found here:

    and if you want to see how it plays like I have a complete gameplay video here:

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    Ok I will check this out ASAP and give you feedback! ;)

    That feedback is part of an event that is going on to the forum, but It won't bother me giving a shot to a later review anyway!

    That is the spirit of the event in any case! ;) Just please give me some time. :D


    What I said about the music applies here too. I see no changes except the dojo music!!!

    BUT hit detection was better indeed.

    The gameplay is more consistent but the first boss in the dojo is like a "Slinsaur" From Caddilacs and Dinosaurs beat em up, meaning... IT BEATS THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!! :p :p :p

    Maybe making things a little more easy would help here, but eventually, grinding a little might help beating this guy.

    Or watching your video... :p

    Updating Updated score on the previous review and added some green new comments.
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    I read your updated review and I'm glad you liked the finished game better :guffaw:

    All the best and good luck with the event
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