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Nov 4, 2015
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Newest: STV_DamageFace

Latest Update: STV_DamageFace

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STV_DamageFace | v1.0

Change Actor Face depending on each Actors HP value.


STV_ClassSelector | v0.7

Set and/or change the Class of any Actor midgame.


STV_StageSelector | v1.1

Create a porter to teleport to specific maps and positions.


STV_BeastBook | v2.4a

List all Enemies and Infos inside one menu.





Terms of Usage:

Feel free to use all here listed Plugins in 1. Non-Commercial Games, 2. Commercial Games
 However it would be nice to give proper Credits to "SkottyTV"
 Have Fun And Enjoy!  :)

- Also a free copy of your game would be nice so i can see how you used my plugin  :p  -

Bug Report / Functionality wishes:

Please let me know if you encounter any kind of Bugs

and/or have some functions in mind that you want me to include/update.

Stay Cool!  :rock-left: BD :rock-right:
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