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Jul 22, 2018
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Hi, this is a function that I need in order to get a more polite version of item inventory and skill:
my game have hundreds of items and I really dislike the fact that every single item is on the same list i want to create subcategory like "food & drinks" "minerals".
same for skills, I have different categories and there are so much skills, the players must visualize in an ordinate manner in order to use skills and items accordingly to quests and puzzles(or alchemical reactions).
someone want to help me out?

Plus if you know how to get separate inventory for each actor(or simply to create an empty inventory that later will merge with the original would be fine).
I know there are script out there for this last function but I'm making a commercial game and can't be bothered about asking anyone for commercial use, nor I can pay for that right now.
If you've made a script like this and permit commercial use let me know, thanks!

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