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Aug 25, 2020
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Now that MZ added a new trait that allows you to give each actor an individual Attack command skill, I think it would be a good idea to introduce the same trait for the Guard command.

Description of the Feature:
  • The Guard Skill trait would change the skill used when the actor uses the Guard command. By default, Skill number 2 is used when Guard is selected, this would allow you to use different Guard skill for every actor/class.
  • It would work similar to the Attack Skill trait already in MZ, just for the Guard command instead of the Attack command.


In the Traits menu, simply add Guard Skill as another option to either the Skill or Other category. The selection of the skill itself would work the same as the Attack Skill trait one. Kinda like this:


Why is this feature good?
This feature is great because of the following:
  • While you can obviously change the Guard skill functionality already, everyone would still have to use the same one (without plugins obviously).
  • This would allow more creativity out-of-the-box. Some examples of this feature in use:

    - When the Paladin class uses Guard, they gain the HP Regeneration state in addition to the base effect.

    - Wizard class restores a large amount of MP when using Guard.

    - When the Berserker class/actor uses Guard skill, they don't get the damage reduction (the state associated with their Guard skill won't have the Special Flag: Guard in it or maybe they get Guard Effect 0% if they want to keep the animation). Instead, they gain a large boost to their Attack parameter.

    - The Mystic class additionally gains a Magic Defense buff.

  • Even if you wouldn't be interested in individual Guard skill effects, this feature would allow you to easily change animations when Guard command is used. Maybe you want a Shield animation to appear when a Fighter is blocking, while the Mage has a Magic Barrier animation and the Priest has some kind of Light Barrier. Simply create 3 different Guard skills with the same effects, but different animations.
  • With the Attack command getting additional customizability by default, it seems like a good idea for the Guard command to get the same options.

Possible issues with this feature?
Issues that might arise from this feature:
  • Nothing really springs to mind. Any issues with this feature would most likely be shared with the Attack Skill trait and that one is already in by default, so doesn't seem like there's anything major that would prevent this from being added. The only thing that would change is that every actor wouldn't have to use the same skill when selecting the Guard command.

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