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Jul 22, 2014
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Description of the Feature:
All "Description" fields for plugins should be Scrollable
, allowing plugin makers to provide game designers with finer guidance than the mere two lines that are currently allowed.

This includes the Description fields in the following places:
  • General Settings area in the Plugin Manager's "Plugin Settings" window
  • Parameter window in the Plugin Manager's "Plugin Settings" window
  • Main "Plugin Command" window on the Event Editor
  • Parameter window on the Event Editor
(It does not include the Description field in the Plugin List, as that window works differently.)

Additionally, if feasible, in order to accommodate this change, a way to enter descriptions (@desc and @plugindesc) on multiple lines should be offered to plugin makers. While writing one ultra-long line would still work in a technical sense, it visually screws up the plugin's text file for anyone who wants to read it, and many plugin makers like making readable code. Perhaps multiple consecutive lines that start with @desc could be interpreted as one line by RPG Maker, or similar.

This shows a mockup of what a scrollable Description field would look like on the Parameter window that is part of the Plugin Settings window.
Current Look.png

Mockup Scrolled.png

Why do we need this feature?
It makes no sense to put a stringent limit on the amount of information that a plugin designer can provide to players in places where they may need it (such as a free text entry for a specific Parameter). Just a few of the things that a plugin maker may want to communicate include:
  • The clear definition of a hard-to-understand field
  • Examples of correct entries
  • What values are (or aren't) valid in a numeric or text entry field, such as 0
  • What values mean (e.g. what entering "true" or "false" will do)
  • Valid formatting and syntax in text entry fields
  • Shortcut values in, for example, the entry of Formulas
  • Whether Plugin Settings values can be changed mid-game (and how to do so)
  • A little extra information in the Plugin Description, without resorting to the Help File field
  • Any other helpful guidance or advice
As a side-benefit, plugin makers will no longer need to worry about their descriptions being cut off because they went a character or two over the limit.

Possible issues with this feature?
None whatsoever. There are no drawbacks for the Plugin Maker nor the Game Designer. Plugin Makers who prefer laconic descriptions can continue to write them. The technical risk for adding this feature is minimal.


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Jun 5, 2020
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To add to this, they mind as well increase the vertical window size of it too. Make it 3-4 lines at a time instead of 2.

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Mar 2, 2016
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This is a problem that was commen back in the NES era, as in back in the 1980's. MAINLY in j-rpgs, which makes this all the more ironic. The text boxes in japan didn't need to be as big as the ones in english speaking nations, causing huge issues when making translations.

The japanese version might not need this, but the english version does. And I think OP is right when saying that this would cause little to no issue.

Edit:Wrote japan were I ment english, fixed it.
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