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Feb 15, 2015
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Hi Vexed,

I've been looking through all your resources, and it looks perfect for a post apocalyptic themed game. Some things I didn't see that I'd like to suggest as possible future add-ons, as well as a few ideas that your packs inspired me to think of:
  • Tiles for a futuristic lab or mad scientist's lab (where the experiment went wrong that created all the zombies). Things like tesla coils, Jacob's ladder-style lightning props, tables covered with apparatus made of weird-shaped glass beakers/tubes, cryo-statis tubes, huge jars with heads/brains/limbs in them, that kind of stuff. Perhaps for a government lab setting, some huge heavy steel blast doors and airlocks would be good too (thinking of Half-Life type stuff)
  • Some animated tiles for things burning in the streets, like cars, barrels, etc, and perhaps just some animated flames we can put here and there
  • A few more vehicles (undamaged and damaged), like maybe a bus, army tank, army jeeps/transports, train, subway trolley, airplane, and helicopter.
  • Some additional characters/enemies, like military soldiers and officers, animals like guard dogs and bears (normal, rabid/zombie), guys in biohazard suits, scientists in lab coats, and perhaps a mad scientist or two
  • An Area-51 themed pack, with aliens, alien spaceships and technology, military-base style buildings and objects, human experiments being made by the aliens (people encased in weird alien cocoons, people with strange appendages or alien parasitic growths on them, etc). It's not zombies, but a different horror theme that would work well with your existing tiles.
Thanks again! Keep up the great work!


Oct 20, 2012
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I just got the Slasher Forest pack and have yet to try out everything, but there's a "torchflame" character sprite that might fit for burning barrels and can be edited to fit on other objects. Though that would just be a workaround - a few variations of fire would be nice.

Something I'd really love to see would be more tiles for a city, like tiles for a pup, a restaurant or a variation of stores. Maybe a farmer's market. Nothing particularly exciting, but I could see them used as tiles for either a zombie game, or a non-apocalyptic game in a modern setting.

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