Feb 4, 2017
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Resource Type: Skill -(Script, common event, Plug-in)

Maker Format: MV

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Description: I have tried:

-this only works if you have less than 4 in party
-Yanfly plug-in puts the summon into a partiable pool(i do not want the summon accessible out of combat)
-Running Common Events how RPGdon lays out, is causing crashes for me

-this plug-in is not compatible with various Yanfly plug-ins

Are there any other Summon Plug-ins out there yet?

Does anyone know a better way to implement common events?

Any other suggestions?

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Thank you in advance,



Jul 28, 2016
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I'd like to add another plugin to the list, which looks great but seems to interfer with quite a bunch of other plugins that affect the battle (i.e. the entire battle engine related plugins by Yanfly):
Guardian Forces by CrystalNoel

Yet another plugin was released by LadyBaskerville earlier this year:
While that one seems to work well with yanfly, it also involves calling common events and seems like a shortcut to the approach posted above,
Also: It replaces the entire party, which is nice but not what I have in mind.

I am also a bit surprised that summon plugins are quite rare and if existent rather trimmed in their options and compatibility. Especially since summons are anything but uncommon features in the world of RPGs.

Personally, I search for a plugin that allows me to:
1. summon an actor into the party (in front of the summoner) just as it can be done with the SummonCore plugin by SumRndmDde mentioned above via skill.
2. desummon that actor with a skill, automatically upon its death as well as upon the summoners death
For graphical reasons, I would really like to use the procedure implemented with SumRndmDde's Summon Core and add a state to the summoner upon summoning (making the summoner unable to move) to animate the canalization.

While this could be achieved with that particular plugin (assuming it would not interfer with other plugins) using ondeath-common events (implemented by some other plugins), it seems rather unhandy.

If anyone out there has a functioning and compatible plugin at hand or would like to generate one, I wouldn't mind ;)
(I'd do it myself, though my java skills are simply not existent)

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