Aug 11, 2016
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If you are using Character Creator + Dynamic Actors to serve as a Visual Equipment
im sure that you just realize that you cant have all character, in all armors, whit all weapons in a walk.png to call whit a BIG Conditional Branch. Now imagine that you have to create 4.

I fond a solution, you need:

Follower Control allows you to every party member as a event:thumbsup-right:, you can Set Move Route(party member), Show Balloon Icon, Show Animation and Transfer Player(party member). Perfect this is great for cutscenes! But theirs a problem.:distrust:
You create your cutscene, actor 2(the leader) talk to actor 4(follower 1) whit a tone of movement routs and balloon icons, just what you imaged in your game:popcorn:. But the player don´t like actor 4 and he has changed the party formation to:
actor 2(the leader) - actor 3(follower 1) - actor 5(follower 2) - actor 4(follower 3)​
Now your cutscene is actor 2(the leader) talking to actor 3(follower 1), you have to order the party as you need. The common event: use the Script { $gameParty.swapOrder(X,$gameParty.members().indexOf($gameActors.actor(ID))) } to reorder the party as you need.

actor 2(the leader) - actor 4(follower 1) - actor 3(follower 2) - actor 5(follower 3)

Ok now you have control, but its steal not PERFECTB). when the cutscene end, you resume game, but the players has to alter the party order, because he HATED:< actor 4. The Variables: in the common event create 4 Control Variables:
Variable > Game Data > Party > Member #1 (Actor ID) something like this: Control Variables : #000X NAME = Actor ID of the party menber #1

Script: Control Variables : #0001 Party1º = Actor ID of the party menber #1
Script: Control Variables : #0002 Party2º = Actor ID of the party menber #2
Script: Control Variables : #0003 Party3º = Actor ID of the party menber #3
Script: Control Variables : #0004 Party4º = Actor ID of the party menber #4

Now when the cutscene end you run the 2º common event:
use the Script {
var Y = $gameVariables.value(000X);
$gameParty.swapOrder(X,$gameParty.members().indexOf($gameActors.actor(Y))) }

Script: var PM = $gameVariables.value(0001);
Script: var PM = $gameVariables.value(0002);
Script: var PM = $gameVariables.value(0003);
Script: var PM = $gameVariables.value(0004);

Hope you like it and good RPG making :thumbsup-right::troll:.

PS: thanks Rhino / Zarsla and SumRndmDde great work :rock-left:Rock on Mate:rock-right:
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