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    Hey guys and welcome to my first Shooter-Game-Project (perhaps more will come).
    - PS: Sorry for my bad English. ^^

    After much consideration, mistakes, improvements, etc., at least the test version is ready. :)
    On Steam, it is already the first shooting game and we need YOUR feedback now!
    "Super Cool" is based on the game "Super Hot" ("Time only moves when you move").

    Play it yourself here: https://gamesofshadows.itch.io/super-cool

    "Super Cool" on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=852881486

    Story & Characters

    You are a secret agent and you have messed with the wrong group. They kidnapped your family
    (your wife / husband and your daughter). Your new mission is, of course, to save them.

    SuperCool-Char1.png <- Male ||YOU|| Female -> SuperCool-Char2.png

    Mrs. Cookie-Cake:
    She will help you with tips and she will make the Tutorial.

    Some Enemies

    How to Play
    PC Keyboard Controls:
    - Arrow keys: Move/Walk
    - Enter: Interact

    - Esc: Disabled
    - Shift: Shoot
    - Q: Reload your gun

    Maybe some important informations:

    ➤ Your hands are shaky! If you move fast, you will need longer to reload. If you move slow, you will reload faster.
    ➤ You only have 5 shots per magazine!
    ➤ And because your leg is hurt, you can't run.
    ➤ You can only reload your gun if you move ("Time only moves when you move")

    The Enemies:
    ➤ Most enemies have a knife, but there are also rare enemies with a gun (maximum one per map).
    ➤ They can see you when you're too obvious (a little self-made "AI").
    ➤ They can't see you when you are hiding behind something, sneaking in the dark and when they don't look in your direction.
    If they have seen you, they will attack you. But only if you move, they will move too ("Time only moves when you move").

    Video / Gameplay

    SuperCool.png SuperCool2.png SuperCool3.png

    Feature-List / Things that will come:

    More Levels ;)
    ■ Autosave (when you enter a new level / map) & Autoload (when you die)

    More things to think about.
    More Characters
    (Rare) Enemies with guns

    A little Story & Extra Levels
    ■ Easter-Eggs

    Bugfixes? If I can fix it - Yes.



    ■ Game by GamesOfShadows / KlavirMusik

    ■ Game-Engine: RPG maker MV

    ■ Music by Alex Lisi

    (Royalty Free Music - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Wkg85Gabk3DkC14DdUohg
    (and "TheFatRat - Prelude" in the Gameplay)

    ■ Special Thanks to my Friends and YOU!


    - FAQ? -
    Nothing is here! Ask something... It's so lonely. :(


    + (Better) Tutorial
    + Male/Female
    + New Start
    *Little changes

    "v0/v1": Testversion has been released
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