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Mar 2, 2012
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This topic is to address the causes and possible solutions to the infamous "random" Game.exe crashes of RGSS2 player (RPG Maker VX). This is for RGSS2 / RPG Maker VX only, and does not apply to the other makers.

This thread is for those who have encountered an error similar to this:

This thread is not for other script related issues. Please make an separate appropriate request for support for any other issue.

And although it should go without saying: illegal/cracked versions are not supported and against forum rules.

If you are experiencing the above issue, your project may just be easily fixable.

The majority of game.exe crashes I have encountered all centered around a very specific (and avoidable) error. The error, and script to debug it are found here:


If after installing the linked script, crashes stop and you start getting a log file in your game directory, chances are you have found the source of the error. Just installing the script should prevent crashes, but fixing the source of the error is better. The logfile specifies the script name and line each object that has not been property disposed is created. From there, it must be inferred where it should be disposed. This is slightly more complicated as it must be before the associated viewport, but this is generally done in the terminate method of the scene (but before the viewport is disposed), and if not, generally right before the viewport. This can be a bit confusing if you don't have any scripting knowledge, so feel free to post if you need help.

If you are further curious about the error, more discussion can be found here:


Game.exe crashes can also be caused by:

- corrupted or type mismatched resources (graphics, sound) attempting to be loaded. In these cases, the location of the crash should be 100% reproducible and can be fixed by removing the errant resource. In cases where you have two different files of the same name but different extension, make sure you have selected the correct file.

- Improperly installed software/corrupted DLL. You can try reinstalling or updating the software.

- Viruses/other computer issues. If you are the only one experiencing these issues, it may be your computer.

If you have a RPG Maker VX project where you can reproduce Game.exe crash and you need help attempting to fix it, you may post here. Please attempt using the debugger script first and above tips first. A demo absolutely necessary in these cases (try to keep the download size small, but make sure the crash is reproducible, and be sure to include a description of how to reproduce the crash). I can't promise I can fix every issue, but if your project fits the criteria, I will at least give it a look.

A script to reproduce the cause of the crash can be found here:

If you have any other ideas, workarounds, patches for scripts experiencing this issue, or would like to discuss this issue, feel free to post here.

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