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Mar 2, 2012
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Swap Actor

by Mithran


VX Ace added "designation by variables" for actors in many places where it was absent from VX, but it is still missing from a few key places that would make eventing some systems just a little bit easier.


- Allows use of an actor which will automatically be swapped out for the appropriate actor depending on the value of a variable. Essentially, "designation by variable" for any actor event function.

- Variable can point to an actor id or a party position, and in some instances, the whole party.

How to Use

Install on its own script page in the materials section of the script editor above main and below default scripts.




q. The script keeps targeting the whole party/wrong person.

a. Make sure you have the correct designation variable set. Try displaying the value of the variable just before the operation you are trying to modify to make sure. If you are sure you have the correct dummy actor and variable value, please make a bug report including specifics for exactly what you are trying to do.

Credit and Thanks

- Mithran

Author's Notes

This small script is only intended to make life a bit easier for eventers. Please do not redistribute the script alone, but feel free to use in any project, commercial or otherwise, credit not required.

Bug Reporting

Please provide the complete error code as well as a short description on how to reproduce. Include screenshots, if relevant.

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