Sep 24, 2013
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Must work with RPG Maker 1.6.2

To potential plugin makers, on the jp forum pages, there is a plugin that seems really detailed for making a swimming/diving mechanic. I was wondering if it was possible for someone to make one for RPG maker Eng version. Have supplied the link to the demo that shows what it does also. Have attached the jp plugin in the forum post also.

Jp plugin page : https://forum.tkool.jp/index.php?th...tz28L5D-uS1heTqsKjHeM19fWbs2nA8oQfvf__MVzECQc

There is an English swimming plugin currently of https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/hirion-swim.83639/

But it doesn't provide the detail that this jap one has and there is no information on how to set up events or anything. So a demo/sc would be greatly appreciated if possible of the plugin all set-up.

https://game.nicovideo.jp/atsumaru/...aqdwNJc8A9_3T9PNC-pm81oZ1fEm83RzNzAVZc_SHFmmE (link to play the online demo which uses the jp script)

Below is how the plugin/script calls are set-up ;

In, enter the description.
This plug-in is a plug-in designed to make swimming and diving easy.
The idea is coming from ruby sapphire of pocket ○ n.

・ I want to implement swimming in the game! Who says:
Just put this plug-in, you
can swim by pressing the decision key on the water side like a demo without doing anything else.

・ I want to limit the range of movement of the event to water!
If you put : <Swimming> in the event's memo column can be achieved.

・ I want to dive and rise like a demo! If you say:
You can easily do this by entering the Region ID where you can dive and the destination of the diving location in the memo area of the map.
In addition, please make a diving destination a normal map. (Not a water area)
・ I want to implement a swaying underwater effect like a demo! If you are using: Please use
KMS_WaterMapEffect . It is a wonderful plugin of TOMY.
DL page: http://ytomy.sakura.ne.jp/tkool/rpgtech/tech_mv/map/water_map_effect.html The

following is the usage of the detailed plug-in.

Swimming passable tiles are basically the same as vehicle ships, but you can force
a forced pass region to increase the degree of freedom in map design
. However, event collision determination has been performed.

After diving, it becomes an ordinary passable tile.
If you create an ordinary city for diving and multiply the color by changing the color of the image, it will look like an underwater city.

How to specify the transfer destination of the dive / fly : <Dive "Region ID" on the

map note : "Map ID" , "Map X" , "Map Y" (, "
<Surface "Region ID" : Put "Map ID" , "Map X" , "Map Y" (, "Direction" )>
. If you do not specify the direction will be the original direction.

<Dive 23 : 16 , 34 , 25 > -Pressing the
ENTER key in Region 23 transfers to (34, 25) of Map 16 by diving

<Surface 21 : 5 , 15 , 23 , 2 > -Region
21 Press the ENTER key to transfer to Map 15 (15, 23) by floating. Orientation under

water event
the range of movement of the event is limited to water (do not go up to the land)
put the <Swimming> in the event of note

plug-in command:

When this command is executed, it is judged whether it
can be put in / out of water, and if it can, it will execute that action.
Example: testSwim

testDive When
this command is executed, it is judged "Can dive / float at this position"
and execute that action if possible.
Example: testDive testSwimDive

both of the above simultaneously, and if only one
action can be performed , the other action is executed.
If both are viable, you have a choice.
Example: testSwimDive This is almost the same as the command on

, but always takes a choice before acting.
Example: askSwimDive

forceWaterLayer [number] Forces the
water depth.
Water Layer: The ground level is 0, the water level is 1, and each dive will increase by 1. Use this for
teleporting etc.
Example: ForceWaterLayer 0 It is recommended to use plug-in commands such as

testSwim ~ basically with the Picture Button Plug-in.

・ Parameter :
It looks like a lot, but basically, you don't have to change it.

Option automatic display :
Whether to judge the action when pressing the decision key on the waterside or where it can dive.
As in the demonstration, if you want to "do not swim at first, but you will be able to do it later"
, please turn on the switch number.

Underwater Deceleration :
Automatically decelerates underwater.
The default movement speed of the character is 4 and pressing shift is +1, so 0.3 to 0.5 is recommended.

Water Surface Image : Automatically change to "Original Image Name_swim.png" when you are on the water surface.
Example: Acter1.png → Acter1_swim.png

Underwater Image Change :
Automatically changes to "Original Image Name_swim.png" when underwater.
Example: Acter1.png → Acter1_swim.png

Choice string :
Choice string setting.

SE setting : It
is SE when entering, leaving, and diving in water.

Region setting : Set
the region you plan to use. (5 ~ 7 pieces are enough!)

Water Surface Forced Region ID:
As mentioned above, it is the same as where the basic ship can
go, but please use this if you really want to go.
As it is limited to the surface of the water, it is not particularly effective when you are on the ground or diving.
(Multiple specification is also possible by "," division)

Subsurface transparency: When
you are on the surface of the water, set the transparency of the lower body.
It is limited to the water surface (waterLayer = 1).

Subsurface Height :
Sets the height of the part that will be translucent when in the water.
It is limited to the water surface (waterLayer = 1).

* For advanced users $ gamePlayer.isSwimming () can be used to get water whether it is in water $ gamePlayer._waterLayer can get water depth (0 for the ground, 1 for the water, 1 for each dive) $ gameMap.event ( 1) .isSwimming () also possible

Credit/s usage of : Producer: Tsukimi Non-commercial use: free / reported, no credit required Commercial use: free / reporting, no credit required (if you are happy!) Redistribution: OK (but your own declaration is NG) Processing: OK Redistribution after processing: OK, please write a link to this page on the description> < Series: Tsukuru MV

Kind regards.



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Jul 4, 2019
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I second this, I can't seem to get the Hirion plugin to work, and several other people seem to be having this problem which has been unresolved for a while.

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