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    Hello, I thought it was time to post this on a more public forum.

    Scroll down to see download link for the demo.

    This is my first game, when I made the overworld map and started working on the game itself I found out I took on something bigger than I wanted but it is coming along slowly. I am the only person working on this game at the moment so there are many errors and text errors etc but I have made it playable.

    The short version of the story is Kaidun's Mother is a magic user who has a powerful neckless and there are 6 of these neckless's in the world. The uncle AKA Kaidun's Mother's Brother gets Jealous that Kaidun will be getting the neckless when he turns 18 and the mom's brother wont so he goes and learns dark evil magic and starts causing all sorts of trouble including killing Kaidun's mom. Kaidun now lives with his father.

    I would say there are at least 6 hours of gameplay done but that depends on how fast you get things done. The story is still in development and so is most of the text for the NPC's. A lot of the game looks generic but I have started learning how to do the graphics better.

    download the demo here.
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/t3ym6e5yxxsl7q0/Sword and Stone.exe?dl=0

    A 13 minute demo of the last 2 quests in the game.

    email me at removed by mod if you want to see pictures, videos or more information.

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