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Mar 10, 2014
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This is probably going to be the first RPG game I'm going to be serious with, I guess.It's based off a generally well-received premise: MMOs.

Now, when I /say/ MMOs, I don't mean I'm making an MMO.

Think of the Dragon Age: Origins custom story Classic Week - yes, this RPG is going to be set in an MMO world.

The idea behind it is kind of like Log Horizon: you're stranded in an MMO world and you're trying to adjust to the new life or to find your way out.

I'm still working on it but I'm thinking of aiming for about an hour of gameplay, maybe more depending on what you guys think, with the hour ending up as a demo or something.

As for the characters, I'm also aiming at some form of a recruitment system that will allow multiple characters to appear around the world, each with their own unique or common requirements for recruitment (i., mercenaries that need money but won't be as strong as characters that require you to bring back some unique dungeon drop or something.)

You'll take on the role of either a male or female, fully nameable, with four models to chose from.
I'm going to be making it out of the RTP, though, unless I decide I want to work with a team.

There are going to be around nine classes, under three categories, three each (where the third is a hybrid class):

Warrior: The fastest of the tanks, this class has the weakest armor of the category.

Knight: Stronger armor, but looses speed.

Paladin: This class can learn healing abilities, otherwise it's virtually the same as the knight.


Marksman: This class misses the least of all classes, but it has lower attack power than the other DPS classes.
Assassin: This class has the highest speed, and moderately average attack power. An assassin's attacks tend to add debilitations such as less defense.
Spellblade: This class is moderately fast, fighting with shortswords, but it can also add elemental powers to it's attacks.


Cleric: This class speaks for itself, playing the general role of the high-health, weak armored healer.

Witch/Wizard: This class has low attack power but boasts high magic attack and a variety of damaging spells.

Bard: This class has the widest range of abilities for all classes, buffing party members with songs, while also keeping the enemies down.

It may seem like the hybrids are overpowered, but each class will have it's weaknesses. for example, a cleric is faster than a paladin, but it has weaker armor (by far), and weaker damage output, but the paladin in return doesn't heal as well, and rarely learns abilities.
I'm going to use some of Yanfly's scripts in the game, including the class script, so the class system will be a bit more complicated:

-You pick a class. This is the class you will always keep. These will be one of three "major" classes.

-When you level up, you can unlock subclasses. The first subclass is unlocked at level ten, then later at different Subclass levels.

-Each "major" class has two subclasses directly related to it's own "style" (i.e the Warrior will have the Knight and the Guardian) and three from different styles. (i.e the rogue will be able to use the Knight, the Bard and the Mage, as well as its "style" subclasses, Assassin and Spellblade. The only hybrid class I won't be using is the Paladin.)

This is still a WIP and the idea may be radically changed or scrapped completely, but as soon as this is posted (which if you are reading it, I'll already be doing this.) I will be working on the database and creating much more of a story.


What is Symposium?
Symposium is a short RPG-styled game based off of the idea of "VRMMO" or "Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Game". Except it isn't actually an MMO, just a single player game that is styled like one. Think of Dragon Age: Origins' Classic Week mod.

The story follows an event - the opening of Symposium -  and how the players adjust to playing. You start in the game world, during the character creation phase, and you are asked three simple questions. "What is your gender, Child of the Signless?" "Please, choose a body to represent you, my child." and "Please choose a name to represent you, my child." Then you are 

The Children of the Signless are people that are born in the Symposium, a realm where nothing is set in stone. Everyone is free to worship any God, they are free to do whatever they like, they can love whoever they love, and nobody would judge them, there are no specific views of society. There is just one rule - you can not murder another Child.

"Why can't you murder?"

This was the question that Vicci asked his parents.

He never got an answer, because his parents didn't know. It was the one rule and nobody knew why. And so Vicci set out one day, to test the limits. And he murdered. He then found his answer. The victim, their soul descended, given another chance at life as a Human. And Vicci, his life was taken in his victim's stead. Nobody could truly say how horrible his death was, but they do say his screams pierced the twilight with such intensity, all wildlife froze in it's place for a few minutes, the animals themselves shocked.

You are his victim. And you are the player in Symposium.

What makes it so special?
I tell you now, Symposium isn't short of special, it's far away from special. It is a short game being created by one person still in full-time education, and it doesn't use any custom graphics (except the odd thing here and there.), no custom music (as of yet, because I get the feeling I will compose my own score.), only scripts created by other authors and custom events created by myself.

So what makes it unique?
There is no completely unique game: the idea will already have been done, somewhere, or is being developed as we speak. I take my inspiration for the story from an anime (Log Horizon) and an old PSX game (Digimon World 3, anybody?). Essentially, there is going to be an outside world to the game, but it won't be as prominent as the game itself.

The real element in the gameplay is the branching storyline. 

There will be multiple ways to complete some quests, and these can alter the ending or the story in a very minor way, whereas changing it too much can drastically alter the ending or the quests available. I'm looking for at least four major endings with a few different changes here and there. Some minor changes can occur that will put you back to the ending you were already achieving. I.E you move away from ending A because of a major choice, but then you choose option A on a few minor choices, and you're back to achieving ending A.

There is going to be a recruitment system that uses switches and variables, and a "guild hall" style room (or rooms, if you pay to upgrade it - meaning you can recruit more members). Essentially, you can recruit up to three party members for your "guild", but this can be increased by upgrading said hall. i'll be working on this separately to the game and releasing a tech demo for it soon.

It kind of works like this:

Player recruits A, B and C. Player can't recruit any more. Switches for the recruitment tag for A, B and C are turned on, and so are the switches for them being active.

A variable is also set for party size. If the variable is at three, anyone else who is recruited is sent to the guild hall, and a variable for "inactive" members is set.

Now if you want to change the party members, an event change checks switches for each party member active, and will bring up a choice box asking which member you would like to replace. For example, because switch A, B and C are on, the dialouge will say A, B and C.

If the player chooses A, member A is replaced with member D, and their states are changed to inactive and active respectively.

To stop a single event having need to be heavily edited for each character, I'm thinking of setting each recruitable member into a "room" system - kind of like boxes in Pokemon, but you can only swap party members with different members from each box - [A with D, G and J], [b with E, H and K] and [C with F, I and L] ect.

Does that make sense? I don't know, but I hope it does.

The new recruitment system is a lot simpler: you can recruit up to three mercenaries that stay with you until they die, but you need to pay for their services. They will return to their hire spots after a while.

What about characters?
Due to the branching storylines, each player may meet different characters to another, and because I haven't fully planned it out yet, it is impossible to say just how many characters I will be adding. 

There will be more features that I'll add, likely things such as custom player housing, which would require instanced versions of maps (i.e upgrading a small shack into a grand mansion) due to the limitations of autotiles and events.

I also might scrap the party system and just use the default party customization options (or the Yanfly party menu if it was added through there?)

I hope this thread makes sense, and I also hope you like it. :p


Personal Reference:

Things to do: (potential story spoilers) Finish fixing the trees in Al Tasir, then mapping the village.Plan out the first part of the story, up to first major branch.

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Mar 10, 2014
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Gonna bump this now, I hope whoever viewed (if it wasn't all me editing so much, haha!) will see the edits, it's much more detailed haha.

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