Synchronize Variables with Items/Weapons/Armors

Aloe Guvner

Sep 28, 2017
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Synchronize Variables with Items/Weapons/Armors
by Aloe Guvner
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Note: This plugin is not under active maintenance.


Some menu plugins require data to be stored as variables, which also has to be represented as item counts, or vice-versa. If multiple currency systems (ex. using gold and gems) require the additional currencies to be represented as variables, it would be very useful to represent it as items in the inventory as well.

Another use case is with classic "gather" quests or mini-games. A quest might include collecting 5 MacGuffins, but unfortunately the event page conditions can't read items. Normally, you would have to increment a variable at the same time as giving the party the MacGuffin, but with this plugin, they will by sync'ed automatically.

This plugin will synchronize the value of a variable with the inventory count of a certain item/weapon/armor, making sure that they are always the same.

For example, if Item #1 (Potion) and Variable #22 are synchronized:

1.) The party gains 30 potions. The value of Variable #22 is automatically set to 30.
2.) The value of Variable #22 is set to 50. The party automatically gains 20 potions - for a total of 50 potions.
3.) The value of Variable #22 is set to 46. The party automatically loses 4 potions - for a total of 46 potions.

Only pairs of item/weapon/armor + variable can be synchronized.
Item/Weapon/Armor <---> Variable

Terms of Use:
Free for use in commercial or non-commercial projects.
Credits required to: Aloe Guvner

Version History:
  • v1.0.0 (June 14 2018)
    • Initial release

Download Link
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