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Dec 9, 2019
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Nyree Kahlin is a criminal on the run.
Until a pair of siblings finally kidnap her and take her into custody.

But one an unknown enemy enters the picture, they have to work together in order to defeat the universal threat.
Once and for all.


Lynn Delonious: A young noblewoman from the kingdom of Regalia.
She is Niel's younger sister.
She has a hard time lightening up to other people and is eager to prove herself to her family.

Nyree Kahlin: A criminal with a high bounty on her head and always on the run. She doesn't take kindly to others at first.
But actually can warm up around certain people after a certain amount of time.

Niel Delonious: A young nobleman from the Regalia Kingdom. He is the current heir to the Baroness of House Delonious and Lynn's older brother. He's way more dim-witted and laid-back than his sister. They are pure opposites.

Leon Freigh: The 2nd Prince in line for the throne of Regalia. He doesn't see himself going anywhere with his position, so he usally turns to sneaking out and doing other things aside from "acting his age".

Sid Freigh: The 1st Prince and heir to the throne for the Regalia Kingdom. He busies himself with tasks that politically involve the improvement of Regalia. He takes a lot of responsibilities to try prove that he can be the best king to his Father.


After nearly 1500 years or a grueling war, the Goddess Sythe has finally defeated Void, a universal enemy who has control over a never-ending darkness. Once his rule ended, a new era began, The Era of the Divine.
However, one cannot live without the other.

The era that brought peace was only momentarily.

in the year 286 DE, Nyree Kahlin is a wanted criminal for a crime she didn't commit, and is finally caught by Lynn and Niel Delonious, two noble siblings with contradicting personalities., and can barely work together.

But once their mother is killed by an unknown enemy, they are forced to work together to stop this incoming threat and avenge for their mother's death.

Section D: Elements

The elemental System works a little differently than most RPGs.
There are 3 Physical Types:

There are 12 non-physical elements (Ex: Fire, Ice, Thunder)
Certain skills will either be a certain type of Physical Element, or Non-Physical Element. (Mostly Magical Type Classes, or Classes that focus on a particular element).
However there are classes, such as the Swordsman Class for example, that focus on a Physical and Elemental attacks.

There are 15 Elements in total: ElementSnip.PNG

SECTION E: What to Expect

  1. The Demo Ends on Chapter 3
  2. The Battle System is a Charge Turn Battle System. Once you choose your action, that action will be performed immediately. Make sure to plan your moves! :kaoswt2:
  3. Only Subclass can be changed, that will not be changed.
  4. Certain pieces of dialogue will be changed, and/or extended. The premise and plot will remain.
  5. Not all classes will be present in this demo
  6. Not all characters will be present in this demo
  7. Not all classes are considered "finished" in this demo.
  8. Certain enemies are subject to change.
  9. Certain characters are subject to change
  10. Certain Dungeons are subject to change
Keep in mind that this is a demo, many things are subjected to change, but despite that:
I'm open to ideas, critiques, and overall feedback.
You can comment on this thread
or message me in my linked social down below.

Please tell me who your favorite character is
Happy Playing! :kaohi:


If you have any questions, tips, feedback, critique, I have social medias:
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5c2OuUIq43ilb75Oe-Quow?view_as=subscriber
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ItsAriTheWeeb

wash your hands :kaolivid:
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That one Weeb
Dec 9, 2019
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-Cast Animations have been changed
-Skills have been added
-Demo extends to Chapter 5.
I moved the link to my Dropbox since the file was too large.
Hope you enjoy.


Jul 31, 2019
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Alright, I tried to play through your demo, and I didn't get as far as I planned to because I ran into not one, but two game breaking issues. I'll get to those, lemme start with some positives.
  • I did like your title screen. The artwork is good, the music has a nice feel to it. It's a good first impression
  • Your skill descriptions have icons and colours - thank you! Those draw attention and allow people to easily locate important effects of the skill
  • The revive item is 100% Hp+Mp. I appreciate that, even if I didn't use one. Thanks for making a revive item useful and one that gives players a chance to get back into a fight
  • I do enjoy the concept of combing elements: slash+fire, pierce+thunder, etc etc. I didn't get to experience much of it, but you can add a good amount of depth to combat doing that. Maybe make it more obvious what elements are good against what enemy, but that's more a personal choice.
I have some critical comments to add, though...
  • Your text boxes take up the whole bottom of the screen, yet text only fills part of it
  • The encounter rate is way too high. I took two steps, and got into a battle. Either drastically reduce your encounter rate, or add a minimum step counter between battles
  • Those pixies hit like absolute trucks. I cut through them well enough with skills, but the damage output on their Wind attack is brutal; if they were to target the same character and both use the Wind attack, dead. Random encounters that early in a game aren't usually that scary, especially when the rest of the enemies are decently balanced
Now for the game-breaking issues - sad to say there were two I found, and that was the end of my playthrough.
  • Failed to load Grassland (2) battleback for the fight against Nyree. I went into your files and added this so I could continue; I'm not sure how many people will be willing to do this, so that could very well be the end for a lot of players
  • Failed the load !Flame (2) characters inside the Regalia outskirts house.
It looks like you used the 'Exclude Unused Files' option when deploying. If you did, don't do that. MV's file exclusion system is heavily flawed. Manually remove the files, or just leave them (a few .png's shouldn't affect game size, if that's a concern for you)
I have a few suggestions to help you with the game's development
  • First, obviously, fix those game-breaking bugs
  • At the start of the game, I would add a small tutorial. Even do a scripted combat encounter that reveals some of the basics of your combat and equip system. I know you added a key item, but when games throw a book at me and tell me to read without even giving me a small tutorial, I don't read. Scripted combat is a good way to do a tutorial; it's engaging. Have some banter between the two sibilings - 'Hey, this Slime is weak to element X! If we run into these, Skill Y should cut them down, or we can equip a Rune to our weapons to change all our attacks to deal that element!' kinda thing
  • Why does the cat say the word Meow? Let it have a sound effect when you talk to it!
  • Give Nyree some skills other than Steal and Guard. She did nothing to me the whole fight, and afterwards there was a comment made about how she was strong haha
  • Block the pathway to the right after the fight with Nyree. I thought I had to go that way for a few minutes, and was thinking you forgot a transfer event
  • Regalia outskirts map is too small for the resolution, and results in a black outline. Also, there's a clipping issue with some of the trees - MV only offers 2 B-D tileset layers. Putting more results in the bottom layer being deleted and causes clipping
All in all, keep working on your game! Playtest it until you're sick of your own game,then grab some random playtesters to double-check. That will help stop game-breaking issues, and prevent small bugs or oversights.


That one Weeb
Dec 9, 2019
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Thanks for the feedback! I actually had to cut back on the filesize due to the file being way to big for the extended demo, and I've thought about adding the scripted battle dialogue boxes along with a quest book feature, but I had trouble with it in the past, which is why I dropped it, but I may add it back to give clarity to the player.
The duplicates were a problem, so I will have to edit and change them eventually when I get too it.
But all in all, thanks for the feedback. :kaojoy:

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