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Jul 15, 2020
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Hello - thank you for expressing interest in Tale of Many Voices.

The story takes place in a set of colonised islands, ruled in her Imperial Majesty’s name, by the Trade Federation.

The protagonist, an Alchemist in exile for a tragedy long since in the past, is given an offer to start a new life in the colonies with the Trade Federations support on condition that she leads an expedition to recover a power artefact for the Trade Federation.

The Alchemist will recover the item, before realising that it cannot fall into the Trade Federation’s hands. She will then lead her band of adventurer’s on a mission of hope vs the tyrannical Trade Federation.

The setting has a steampunk fantasy feel to it, and no real life references are made. The entire setting is entirely fictional.

Game Play: The game will have combat, however, this is planned to be one of the last features to be implemented. I want to do the whole story first, with all the quests and placeholders where fight scenes would be. I will then add all the combat at the end, when I can do it as a balanced tested piece, rather than something which gets outdated and poorly implemented.

However, the intention is to have a combat skill system where the characters relationships with each other change their skill set.

For example: the rogue is best friends with the druid. So the druid milks her pet snake for venom, giving the rogue poisonous attacks. Or the engineer might be close with the ranger, so she upgrades his crossbow for him.

This I think is a really interesting system which I want to do justice.

Non Combat Puzzles:

The adventuring team will have an Alchemist, an Engineer and a Wizard. The idea, is that these three can do some interesting and innovative landscaping to suit their purposes. Think flooding the ground floor of a dungeon, to allow the team to take their boat to the next level or using explosives to gain entry to another part of the dungeon. Whilst tricky to implement well, I am hopeful that this will give the team an interesting take, as their skills are used.

The story as far as the demo goes, is the alchemist being recruited and completing two recruitment quests, taking the party up to 5!

In the current version there is a murder mystery quest and a find someone quest, both involve talking to people and finding clues.

Download link:
This demo isn't as polished as I would like, as I wanted to get a working copy done, and now that MZ has been announced I plan to do the polishing as I rebuild it in the new system.

Anyone checking out the site resources will note that some of the resources differ between on the site (new MZ plans) and the current demo.

Not to say that the demo is poor... just not where I want it.

Likewise there may be some bugs... but hopefully nothing that makes it unplayable.

My development blog:
The 'cast' section is the most interesting, with a more detailed article on some of the characters.


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