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    Hello, everybody, this is Tales of Kandaria,

    Every human has a soul, then the question is what about the monsters?
    Usually, humans see the monsters as stupid creatures. Then if we give a soul to skeleton what would happen?
    This game is about a skeleton which is weakest of the monsters. ─▒nterestingly, he has a soul but has no memory of itself. Join him with his quest to find himself.
    This game as still at the beginning of the development phase. I intend to finish it as fast as possible without sacrificing any aspect of the game. Game development will consist of 3 parts;

    1-Chapter I (Born to Rule)
    2-Chapter II(?)
    3-Chapter III(?)

    I have some interesting ideas and curies. What are u thinking about them? If you support me in my quest to make this game, I would be very happy. Every month there will be an updated version of the game, polls and lots of Ill─▒sturions.
    Demo of the game can be found at the link below. I am very interest to know your comment about it.

    For Windows;


    For Mac;


    Don't forget to share a comment

    Thank you, everyone.

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