Jan 10, 2014
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Hello all! I started this project titled "Tales of the Dragon Lords" back in January as a solo project but I decided I want to make this in collaboration with other people. Which leads to me to this topic post on who all I would like to make part of this team to make this game. So without further ado, I will lay out a general basis of what I have so far and what I positions I would like to add on. I will add positions as I think of them or a need is to be filled. Please only apply if you are willing to just work with some other people on a game. This game will be non-commercial and is being made on RPG Maker VX Ace. I am not offering any level of play as everything is strictly free and volunteer based. All levels of experience from beginner to master will be accepted. Acceptance will be a first come, first serve basis so don't hesitate to offer your services and get accepted in making your mark on this game!

What I have so far

Ok, what I have so far is a general demo that showcases the a bit of the back story, a dungeon (a start at least), a mini boss, a boss, and a fast travel system. The demo can be found here! > (it's not that long but I feel it gives a look into what I am trying to go for) *Disclaimer-What is seen in the demo may not be how they will appear in the final version due to the possibility of changes based on who is developing those areas. Also the file is 210 Mb. Sorry about that, didn't really clean out the files entirely.*

As for the story, I have a good general base for the main story, history, number of main dungeons, order of main dungeons, and an ending.

What I am looking for

*NOTE: these positions are open to be adjusted at later times depending on the needs of the team.

Writer - x1

Level Designer - x1

Mapper - x2

Animator(video editor) - x1

Artist - x1

Writer- The writer will be filling in the gaps between dungeons with various story elements and side missions to help drive the immersion of the story. I will be placing my full trust into those who are writing and I will work along with the offer suggestions, changes, and/or ideas to help out.

Level Designer- Will work mostly with myself(some) and the mappers to help layout the dungeon areas, towns, etc. Some ideas may come from the writer based on story elements that have been written and will need to be implemented in proper places. The Level Designer will be placing the "events" that happen all over the world as well. There will be puzzles to solve in the dungeons which you will get to design and place!

Mapper- Exactly what it sounds like. The person(s) that will make the game world come alive visually! I am looking for multiple mappers so there can be a variety of mapping styles throughout the game (minimally just the dungeons being varied). Mappers will work majority with each other to bounce ideas and style techniques off of each other as well as the Level Designer to know where certain things should be on the map visually.

Animator & Artist- These two positions are purely optional as they serve a specific purpose in creating animated cinematic marvels! These two will work closely together as the artist will draw the scenes and the animator (or video editor) will put them together to make the whole thing come alive. So far all I personally have planned is just an opening cinematic that gives a brief insight to the story before coming across a more detailed explanation. The two will also be used as testers and if they think an animated scene would fit better in a certain spot rather than the scene play out in-game, they will have the freedom to make that happen.

Each position will be able to give feedback and suggestions/ideas to all other positions so that we truly make this a team effort of making this game come to life!


I encourage anyone willing to help out to please play the demo at some point as to help get a feel for what is going on. Again these positions are free service only, open to any experience level, are given on a first come, first serve basis, and are for a non-commercial game. All patrons that offer help that makes it into the final product will be given proper credit. I shall also offer my services to those who are taking the time to help with this project. I will fill in on whatever is needed and will do my best as I do not have certain area I am best at as I am still a beginner myself (oops, cats out of the bag now!). If you think of a position that would be useful that I have not listed (probably because I just couldn't think of it in general) please feel free to post the suggestion. I would post some screenshots and a story synopsis but with a short demo, I figure you can get all of that stuff from there. 

To apply please post on here your real name, forum name, and position desired. You may PM, but I strongly recommend that you post here as well. Once you are accepted and ready to begin working, I will send you the download link of the non-encrypted game file so that you may be able to work on the game at your pace. I suggest using that file as a base and work on certain things as a separate project. Once a full team is assembled I will set up something on Google Docs or something similar to where we can upload finished parts as well as share current progress and get feedback from the entire team. Hope to hear from you and I cannot get started working on this game with you!
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