Tales of Your "The Only Edutainment RPG with the four crazy plots!" (Ver 1.2.1)


Feb 3, 2014
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Tales of Your is an educational RPG filled with interesting (not the Steve Davis kind of interesting) characters, quirky plots, and other things you would expect from an modern indie dev, especially one who has played Earthbound and decided that it needed more Touhou's and a ZX80 port and that Team 17 should have published it and be bundled with Netspace Navigator (that's how quirky I am).
Not only do you get to beat up monsters for their hard earned EXP and Cash, you can do also do math problems to solve puzzles, open chests, and other things.

Journey through the continent of Austrorailia! Go to place like Cirnograd, the communist citystate run by fairies! Fight bosses like prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Four epic seasons of story!

Made in RPG Maker MV, this game takes place in the ZUNverse (The universe started the Legend of ZUN [Available on my Gamejolt account]).


  • Explore the very large continent of Austrorailia with a little over 400 maps! Making it the largest game that this dev has ever made!
  • Enhanced experience with the Yanfly engine
  • A dynamic quest system
  • The Math Table provides you with randomly picked math problems
  • Do over 60 sidequests! (More may be added in future updates)
  • 32 hidden Secret Coins to find!
  • 25 Shackmenn to find and fight!
  • Includes Sinclair BASIC on 48K ROM with Netscape Navigator and Commodore GEOS pre-installed (Just kidding on this last one)


A unique feature of Tales of Your is the episodic system. You know how some games (Like Half-Life or any ol' Telltale title) are separated by episodes? Well, Tales of Your takes it twelve step further as the game has FOUR plots represented by four seasons divided into into 10 episodes. here are the seasons.
  1. The Floria Saga: The evil forest fairy Floria is angry. Angry how her game (Fraudology) is doing poorly against Tales of Your and stole the plans to Dr. Tyson's stardust cannon to destroy the world! So you have to chase after her and stop her!
  2. A Spitting Tale of Cinderella: Its a retelling of Cinderella except the Prince is a rock 'n' roll 80's musician and you have to free Cinderella from the clutches of her evil stepmother Margaret Thatcher and you have to stop her and her evil step-cabinet like Minister of Employment Thomas King or her right-hand man Norman Tebbit.
  3. The Violet League: The Violet League is in session! Travel across the country to fight the six gyms to obtain badges, but the evil Team Ottoman is trying to nuke the Greek half of Cyprus and YOU have to stop them!
  4. BOTHER: A parody of MOTHER 1 featuring eight poorly sung melodies to sing to the alien Johngue Fitzgeraldgas Kennedyiyig, who hails from the Planet Massachusetts and he's in love with Floria and mad that Lee Harvey Oswald stole the secrets of ESP (Which doesn't matter since everybody else uses magic LIKE HOW PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO!) and its up to you to stop him and his army or robotic copies of Czar Nicholas II known as Tsarmen!

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Convinced? Buy it here! https://gamejolt.com/games/talesofyour/380570
Its only $19.98, Not convinced yet? Play the HTML demo!

I also have other commerically released titles on Gamejolt!
  • Final Farcity
  • Touhou Project: Oriental Queen and Infintismal Nonagon (Coming soon but there is a page and demo)
  • Legend of ZUN Deluxe

Plus many free games available!

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