May 18, 2018
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Hi, I want to make a question.

every time I go to load the plugin, an error message like this appears, and I was wondering how I solve the problem. Thanks.

Sorry for the bad English, it's not my native language.View attachment 217299
You need to copy the arrow images from the demo that Rockenberg posted a few posts before, then paste them into the img/system folder of your own project.

Also, the notetags in the demo don't exactly work as they are there, at least not when I tried them.

The demo gives 0s in the 3rd position, but this causes the attacks to have no attack power. The notetag setup on the skill you set up needs to be something like follows:

<tba down ArrowDown 110 3 64 0>
<tba left ArrowLeft 136 3 64 0>
<tba up ArrowUp 190 4 64 0>
<tba up ArrowUp 210 3 64 0>

That causes a small amount of damage (64 HP, I believe) 4 times in a row, displaying the general arrows for the correct arrow keys. The speed of the first 2 arrows that occur at 110 and 136 is 3, then the next at interval 190 is 4, to make things interesting, and then the last one at 210 is also speed 3. This is a fairly gentle attack that doesn't do a huge amount of damage, depending on the HP of your enemy, of course.

The next has more directions, so is more difficult for the player, but causes more damage:
<tba down ArrowDown 110 3 66 0>
<tba left ArrowLeft 136 3 66 0>
<tba down ArrowDown 166 3 66 0>
<tba left ArrowLeft 177 3 66 0>
<tba up ArrowUp 190 3 66 0>
<tba up ArrowUp 210 3 66 0>

You can hopefully see what the general set up needs to be from those. I haven't quite figured out how the arrows being displayed differing from the arrow direction that the player needs to press works out yet. I can't see how that even works, apart from as a kind of 'fake' move, but there's no way of countering it, as far as I can see, so it seems a little broken. I might be doing something wrong, or just don't get it, but I haven't implemented this in the game I'm working on yet, just straightforward attacks similar to the ones above.

@Rockenberg I still get occasional times when there's a kind of bug that causes the overlay to go slightly discoloured, then when you try to press the arrow key, the game crashes, whichever key you press. Is this a bug you and the Gamefall Team are aware of? Did you manage to get it ironed out, if so? It happens about 20% of the time I gametest with this battle system.

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