Target Manager v1.0 (Initial Release)

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    SES Target Manager v1.0
    by Enelvon


    This script is designed to provide a more useful Target Manager than the one present in the base Ace scripts. It *may* work with custom battle systems as long as they don’t contain their own target managers, but may conflict with them in terms of graphical style as it uses a modified version of the default system’s enemy target window.


    • Filter targets based on any imaginable factor – you’re only limited by your ability to figure out a snippet to serve as a filter, something that I’d be happy to help with.
    • Allow skills to target both actors and enemies.
    • Expanded options for random targeting – have skills that hit a range of times (e.g. 2-5).


    This script is configured in two ways - defining filters and defining the way that the Target Manager will filter a given skill. Filters are defined in the Filters hash of the SES::TargetManager module and should consist of a Regular Expression key and a Proc value that evaluates to true or false. The base script does not contain any examples - please refer to the Basic Filter package for a few examples. The package is by no means extensive, though it should suffice for most basic purposes. I urge you to submit your own filters! If the community produces enough, I may package them into a Community Filter Package of some kind.

    Now for the part more relevant to most of you: defining the way that the Target Manager handles filtering for a skill or item.

    <Target Manager: (one|all|rand)( range)> ...FILTER... ...FILTER...</Target Manager>Place this in a Notes box to tell the Target Manager how it should filter targets for the skill or item. The first replacement should be one (which means that it will bring up a filtered list from which the player can choose a target), all (which means that it will affect all targets who match the filter), or rand (which means that it will randomly hit targets who match the filter). If you use the range option, you should also provide a range. If you want the skill or item to hit 2-5 times, it would look like this:

    <Target Manager: rand 2..5>Please note that the rand option requires both a starting point and an end point, so if you want it to hit 1-3 times you would need to provide the range 1..3 rather than just 3.

    You can include as many filters in between the opening and closing tags as you would like. To take an example from the basic package, you might have this as a filter set:

    <Target Manager: one>enemy_onlyhp_<: 50%</Target Manager>This filter would allow the player to choose a target from a list of enemies with less than 50% of their HP remaining.
    This script is available from SES VX Ace.

    Place this script below the SES Core (v2.2 or higher) and the Materials header, but above all other custom scripts (with the possible exception of battle systems).

    Credit and Thanks

    • Enelvon
    Author's Notes
    This script is made available under the terms of the MIT Expat license. View this page for more information.
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