Team Needed for Project called "System Factory"

Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by FroggyGames, May 3, 2016.

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    I'm working on a game called System Factory.  


    It is about robots! There are two types of robots that work in a factory. System 15s and System 13s. You Start off as a System 15 (You can name this character, but the Default name is S2Jake32.). System 15s obey the rules of the orders given. They just clock in, do their jobs, and clock out. But the System 13s disobey every order given. They are a menace to robot society. They also steal things and stuff. It is your job to put a stop to them before the factory shuts down permanently.

    I need an artist and multiple voice actors. I can't show snapshots of the game because I want to assemble the team first, and then work on it.


    • Artist: No one
    • Voice Actor: No one
    • Translator (Not needed until development of the game is finished): No one

    If you want to apply, reply or private message me here or skype.

    Skype: frostixonmeth
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