Temporary light in dark areas


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Mar 22, 2018
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Hi! So I'm making a horror RPG and you are in complete darkness only seeing just a little around you. I did this using Show Picture and the picture itself is a complete black .png with a small round hole where the player is in, so that you get the illusion of having limited vision. I have two versions of this. One with a small hole (let's call this A) and one with a bigger hole (B), so you have more vision around you. At the beginning of the game you have this tiny vision, and later you'll find a lantern or something so you have better vision in the dark. But I want players to be able to temporarily get better vision at the beginning of the game, so I make a new item; Matches. It's a consumable item and it's supposed to temporarily lights up your surrounding. Now the problem I'm facing now is that how I make this happen. On consumption of the Matches you're still on A, but I want it to temporarily change to B. I've tried making a common event, but no success.

Also, how do I make this effect, if possible, limited? Say it lasts 1 minute, then B goes back to A and everything is dark again.

Sorry if I have written down some useless info, I'm not so very good at explaining stuff.


Oct 13, 2017
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I'm kind of a nub around here, but I'll take a stab at this. Before you try to really beat your head on a wall, take a look at Terrax Lighting to see if you can find a way to make that do what you need. If it does, then you can ignore everything else I suggest :)

With the obvious out of the way, you could have your "Match" item call a common event, swap your image from "A" to "B," remove the "Match" item, do a count up to a certain number, and finally swap the images back. Though, I really think the Terrax Lighting plugin would be more helpful!

Maybe with some luck a veteran will come along with some sage advice, and I'll learn something too!

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