RMMV Tenko Story (No Travel Jam Submission)

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Feb 19, 2014
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I gave this a playthrough and had a few thoughts while playing, though I'm sure all my points have already been hit by the lovely people who posted above me. :rswt
⦁ The credits in the title menu leave a lot to be desired. You really should go back in and add in the proper credits, instead of having a mix of your credits and the plugin's apparent how-to

⦁ Having the HUD during the intro cutscene looks odd

⦁ Why is the default choice for the quest 'No'? seems strange, since most players would want to do it

⦁ The battle system is interesting, not getting to choose what's attacked does streamline things. I do feel like the attacks could be even quicker though, the style would fit a faster pace to the battles

⦁ The fact the boss chicken asks if I feel strong enough to beat it doesn't make much sense, since there's no way I can leave and go fight some more battles because I'm trapped in that little section. It would be nicer if the chicken kicked me out if I picked 'No', so that I could go level up some more

⦁ The lack of a real ending is a bit sad, even if you had faded out the screen and had Tenko say something like "Now we can fix the ship!" and roll credits would've been better than leaving it without any ending at all

Overall, the game looks cool but the battles were missing some fun to make it really feel intriguing. Since there was a time limit I'm sure it was just because you ran out of time, hopefully if you come back to this game you can take some more time to polish it. Good luck with your projects! :rwink:


May 31, 2013
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I liked it, I thought your graphics were really good. Like others said it was an odd choice not to let us select a target. I'd prefer to be able too, but it wasn't much of an issue. Everything seemed balanced. I played up to the part where you turn into a chicken. As you said to someone else that was the end of the game. I assumed that but not right away.

I wouldn't mind if characters had some random attacks, or just one character did, but I'd still like to select targets with most skills.

I think if you expand it or make something else with some similar features it'll be great.

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