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Nov 6, 2016
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Tetris Mini Game
  • Author: GGZiron

  • Get the script: From GitHub

  • Purpose: Add Tetris as Mini Game in your RPG Maker VX ACE game, or simply have fun playing a Tetris on sample project.

  • Version: 1.3.0.
    Version History
    1.0.0 : Initial Release on 02/07/2019.
    1.1.2 Released on 22/07/2019
    *Fixed a method, that was set to work with previous version objects,
    that would lead to game crash upon starting new game after game over.
    1.2.0 Released on 07/08/2019
    *Added option for setting max level.
    *Every window now have padding option
    *Option to set respawn speed and row deletion speed.
    In previous versions those two were one settings entry, executed by
    messy code.
    *Reorginized and reworked code, so now is more readible, and hopefully,
    more effective.
    *Renamed the menu button for playing Tetris, so it does not use the
    word "Tetris".
    1.3.0 Released on 10/08/2019
    *New feature: Highligh deletion row. Comes with extra settings for it,
    including new color entry in the COLORS.
    *Added option that BGM and BGS position from normal RPG game not to be
    restored, so tracks would replay from begining. By default, now they won't
    recover position, but can be changed.
    *Added option to modify the clearing rectangle (to add or substract to
    original values), so there are not uncleaned pixels on stats change.
    Stats are the level, actions, scores, etc. On default font no need to
    modify, but you might need if you set different fonts.
    *Fixed bug that came with version 1.2.0: crash client when trying to rotate
    too close to obstacle.
    *Fixed bug, which would draw next Tetromino on resume, doing that each time
    the player resumes the game. Bug came with version 1.2.0.
    *Cleared bug, which would lead to crash if developer decides not to include
    background picture. Bug came with version 1.2.0 too.
    *Small optimisations of the code.

    *For full version history, see : here.
  • How easy is to install:

    If you are happy with my Tetris as it is, then is plug and play. Easy.
    But if you are not, then there are lot of settings, including redesign of Tetris Scene. Doing something with them might not be as easy, but may make your version of the tetris little bit more unique, or better fit to your RPG game.

  • Compatibility:
    Placed this script at the bottom of my most script - crowded project, and had no problems. Most of the things I do are in my module, although I had to overwrite (and alias first) several methods from the engine's scripts.
    Trying to make very unique names in the new methods and properties I add into the engine's scripts.
    My Tetris Mini game adds additional bits to the save data: last game scores, best scores, total actions, total deleted lines and the internal Tetris timer.

  • How to use:
    By default, the option to play Tetris will appear on the main menu. With the settings, you can hide it or disable it. You can hide or disable/enable any time of the game with script call. Also, you can run the Tetris scene with this script call:
    scene = GGZiron_Tetris::Scene_Tetris

  • Features:
    Nine levels. Each with own music and speed.
    Battle musics in the engine conveniently are 9 too, so I use them.
    But can have global music for all or as many levels you want instead.
    With version 1.2.0, you can set the game to have more or less levels.

    Own Vocab settings, where you can change all the text strings that come with my tetris.

    Game play wise, it rewards clearing lines. More lines at once, bigger the reward. The hardship level is used as multiplier of the scores reward. It have wall kick (trying to rotate tetromino too close to obstacle, and it will try to move one step away, then attempt rotate again). For now, didn't design fancy stuffs like ghost tetromino (seeing where it goes to land) or spin rewards.

    In game timer, that measure the total time the player spent in this mini game within one save.
    Works in frames. Doesn't count paused time, Tetris "Game Over" time and time outside Tetris mini game.

    Various stats display, that you can see in the screen shot. There are script calls to obtain some of those
    stats out of the Tetris Minigame, so you can use it to reward or punish the player.

    Tetrominoes (The Tetris figure) have different color each, that use RGB code set in the settings.

    Controls configuration in the settings.

    With version 1.1.0, you can set your own spawning paterns.

  • Screen Shot: (taken on full screen)
    Having no fitting background picture, but you can change it in the settings.
    Window position and other properties are also subject to change in settings.

    A lot of tests, little more Tetrs skill now!

    With different Window.png in System folder.

    No background image set here.
  • Author notes:
    The idea to make tetris script came from Neo_Kum0rius_6000's script request thread, although I started doing my tetris much later. If you see any bug, or have suggestion, you can post on this script thread on RPG Maker forum, or pm me. My script surely have flaws. Would gladly improve it, when I have time, and if there is interest on it.

  • Terms: (Important!!!)
    Terms of use: Free for commercial and non commercial projects*.
    Free to edit, but keep my part of the header, and don't claim the script is yours.
    You have to credit me as GGZiron.
    Update: Added GNU General Public License v3.0, which basically permits the same things.
    You can review it here: https://github.com/GGZiron/Tetris-Mini-Game/blob/master/LICENSE
    And here: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html

    *All the terms listed above are only for the usage of this script.
    The very Tetris is owned by "The Tetris Company". I do not know what
    part of the Tetris is patented and what part is not, so you have to do
    your research, if you are going to include my script in your project.
    I suggest at very least, to not use the name "Tetris".
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