Text outline color change on specific words.

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    So, (this is about MV )I know I can change the text outline but, some colors don't look good with the black outline and, some don't look good with other outline colors for example black text with a black outline or, white text with a white outline, I don't want to remove the outline and, I'm aware I can remove it.

    A bad edit for an example... where the white text looks okay but, the black text doesn't.
    I, myself am trying to use a bright yellow text but, the black outline looks awful with it and, want an orange to go around it instead and, leave the rest of the text's outline black if possible.

    So, to summarize I'm saying I want a plugin where I can do a...
    \C[1](Plugin command changes text outline here)Word(Plugin command changes text outline here)\C[0].
    If anyone can assist me in doing so, that would be great, thank you.
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