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Jun 13, 2013
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Dakota here of Living Dream Ent, just wanted to give a big thanks to you guys, you deal with everyone posting in the wrong areas (especially myself) and you are very helpful.

I have to say if I hadn't been helped as much as I have been these last 9 months I wouldn't be where I'm at today, so I thank you for making this often difficult but enjoyable game development process that much easier.

I may be crazy trying to make a large budget game as my first true game but these forums with all the helpful people explaining how RPGM works and the scripts (oh boy the free scripts are so helpful) has made this experience possible.

Obviously I thank my team as well but many of them I met through here (the other half were DA because they're artist) so again I thank you RPGM Forum staff for not making me feel like an idiot and abandoning hope early on.

I'll make sure to send you guys free copies of the game when possible haha (that could be a LONG time from now so be sure to remind me then)

I think that's about it and I don't want to sound crazy by overdoing it so I'll stop here.  Just thank you guys so much for not shunning me and providing a forum that is as beneficial as this one.


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